University of Michigan Kelly May

"Art, Knowledge, Truth" , home to the Wolverines
Their mascot is the Wolverine

Why Michigan?

  • Location! Michigan is about a 3 hour drive from where I live so its close enough to drive home if I needed but also far enough to be independent from my parents.
  • Size! Michigan is a large university with about 43,651 total students enrolled in 2015. I have always been a person that does not want to go to a "second" high school.
  • Overall prestige and program prestige! Michigan has an instate acceptance rate of
  • What interested me about this school was the fact they are a large school and still have an art program that feels like an art school.


Come to Michigan

General Information

  • total enrollment in 2015 : 43,651
  • male to female ratio: 51% male, 49% female
  • U-M is ranked the #1 Public Research University
  • Known for it's NCAA Division 1 sports, with 50 national championships across 12 sports teams
  • Heavily known for its large rivalry with Ohio State
  • 2 out of 3 undergrad students receive financial aid
  • U-M is a costly school with an instate tuition of around $14,000 and out of state tuition of around $45,000
  • The University is located in an urban/suburban area with cute little shops and town activities to do for free time.
"Ann Arbor isn't just a college town because families live here too (just not in the same areas as students and frats for obvious reasons). On the weekends there are tons of families walking around or visiting and lots of dogs (yay). on game days ann arbor is crazy, but usually it's fun to just explore because there are tons of options for things to do like thrift shopping, going to the movies, ice skating, shopping, eating out, etc." - Talie Toomajian, first year student majoring in BCN


  • Most popular majors at U-M are Business Administration and Management, Economics, Experimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology and Political Science and Government.
  • 71% of the first year freshman in 2015-2016 had an ACT composite score of 30-34
  • Business program is #4 in the country according to U.S News
  • If I were to go to University of Michigan, I would most likely major with a Bachelors in Art with a focus on graphic design. I picked this major because I have a love for art however, I want to be able to use it for my career!

Application Process

  • Application deadline is February 1st with a fee of $75
  • acceptance rate is 26%
  • requirements include ; transcript, letter of recommendation, counselor recommendation, ACT or SAT with writing
  • 78% of the 2015-2016 freshman class had a gpa of 3.75 or higher and most of students had an ACT ranging from 30-34
  • according to the common data set, when applying the rigor of your senior year and your academic gpa is highly considered in the process. Things that are also important are recommendations, standardized test scores, application essay, being a first generation, and your character traits.
  • An interview is not required

Dorm Life

  • Mark Markley holds 1180 first-year residents in double rooms
  • The building has full dining hall services as well as living rooms with lounge spaces
  • There are 5 music practice rooms and ResComp site with computers, printers and scanner
  • Oxford Houses are houses that holds approximately 350 in double rooms and suites
  • Oxford has full dining services at Twigs during meal service hours and onsite student parking available via lottery
  • Oxford community spaces include; ResComp site, community kitchens in some houses, study and lounge areas, newly renovated courtyard space with outdoor grills, basketball court, onsite fitness space, laundry room
  • Both of these dorms are located in the Central Hill neighborhood of campus
Oxford Housing is located to the right and Mark Markley hall is located at the top

The dent: Cost of attending

Meal Plans

some features include: To-Go Meals and Feel Better meals

To-Go Meals : When you don’t have time to stop for a meal during regular dining hall hours, request a To-Go Meal! You may choose up to two entrées. Entrée choices include daily menu options, sandwiches and salads. If you choose an entrée from the day’s menu, you will need to pick it up during that meal’s regular service hours. Sandwiches and salads may be picked up anytime.

Feel Better Meals : If you live in a residence hall, your dining hall will provide you with a special meal when you are confined to your room due to illness or injury. You may choose up to two entrées. Entrée choices include daily menu options, sandwiches and salads. If you choose an entrée from our daily menu, please have your meal picked up during regular service hours for that meal. Sandwiches and salads may be picked up at any time.

Campus Involvement

They have intramurals, that has it's own building! Also they have a large greek life community as well as clubs and organizaitons
"ok so at UM there's a ton of clubs- like everything you could think about doing from sports to nationality to like different hobby clubs. there are two festivals a year for the clubs to put their name out that happen around campus (the fall one in the diag & the winter one in the union). greek life rushes super early (september - october). about like 1200 girls rush since it's a big school but not everyone gets all the way since it's very stressful and long. frat rush is way less organized than sorority rush but everyone that does it seems to enjoy it." - Talie Toomajian, freshman at UM

Unique Facts and opinions from students !

"the campus is definitely focused on academics since all the classes are hard and the workload can get overwhelming, but that just means you find the places you like the study and you meet people in your classes that you can get notes from and study with. so far, every single one of my professors and gsi (graduate students that assist in class on track to get their masters or phd) has been a character, and each professor teaches differently."
"party wise sororities and frats have more just because they have things like date parties and specific annual events whereas people that aren't in greek life just find parties they want to go to on the weekends. very easy to find parties especially when you have friends in greek life. people go out from thursday - sunday , but sunday's are usually for getting studying and homework done."


Personally, I really like the university! I think it has a lot to offer and has so many opportunities. However, the only flaw is that it is not in my price range but they do offer a lot of financial aid. Also, I do not meet their standardized testing range either. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to go a prestigious college that is not an ivy league and still possible to get into. Overall, the school has a beautiful campus from what I have seen but it is very large which is a positive for me. I would also love to visit this campus in the near future

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