Healthy Eating Habits Survey Are students at monroe junior high actually healthy?

To research this topic, I created a Google Form and made questions like "Do you eat fruit/vegetables on a regular basis?" and "Have you tried becoming a vegetarian/vegan? If so explain." I wanted to know if students care about what they eat. I avoided bias because Mrs. Carovillano used a generator to split students into random groups. I had two demographic questions, asking what grade you are in and what gender are you. I gathered that all of the people who took the survey are in the seventh grade. I also found that mostly girls took the survey.

Everyone was in seventh grade.
55.6% were female and 44.4% were male.

One of my questions was open-ended. Meaning that people can type whatever they want for their answer. I asked if anyone has tried becoming a vegetarian or vegan. The most common answer was no.

The results I got were mostly what I expected. All of the responses were positive, most people believe they are pretty healthy.

88.9% of people think they are healthy, 11.1% don't know, and 0% said no.

If I could change my survey, I would add more of a variety of questions.


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