4A4 Grace Bobel how i came to america

My name is Adeline Peterson and I came from France. I remember the day my Mother and Father told us we where moving to this magical place called America. I was only about 7 at the time. Almost everybody was moving too. Even my best friend Betty moved to America. I was very exited to move so was my older brother Russel, but my little sister Susan threw a tantrum because she didn't want to leave her new friends. ( she just got into school.)

Our trip to America was really gross my mom said since we did not have a lot of money we were put in steerage. But my father somehow made it fun. Everyone had to go to the bathroom in a bucket so after someone went me and my Dad took turns hiding the bucket in a different place. It was always so funny watching everybody try to find the bucket. My Dad was always doing funny stuff like that.

When we got to Ellis Island it was 1908. My 10th birthday passed on the boat it wasn't that fun all that really happened is that they stuck a lit match in my dinner and everybody in steerage sang happy birthday. It was really funny.

It felt sooo good to finally breathe fresh air. When we got off the boat we went into a large building with three large stairways put together we went through one of them on the side. When we finally got to the top we each took turns going in a small room inside it looked like a doctors office all the sudden while I was sitting on a small cot he took a sharp hook shaped tool and stuck it through my eye lid and pulled! It hurt really bad! Susan went next after I told her what happened she started bawling. when she came out she was still crying she ran out and immediately clung to my dad. He went next, when he came out the doctor talked to my mom she started tearing up and began to cry. My mother never cries The doctor told us our dad had a contagious eye disease called trachoma and that he would not be living with us in America and of course this just made Susan cry harder. we all said our goodbyes and bawled as we watched our dad be taken away. Things got better after that. We took a tour of Ellis Island and we saw the statue of liberty it was incredible.

Now I live in Seattle and have a perfect view of the mountains. I work at a children's hospital and help save lives every day!

This is my flag.
This is my map I live in Rouen.
This is the statue of Liberty!

1. The broken chains stand for freedom. 2. The statue was made of copper. 3. The 7 rays stand for the 7 Continent. 4. The statue was a gift from France.

  • I enjoyed making the adobe spark and making up my story.
  • I liked doing the different stops.
  • I liked watching the Brain pop video.

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