The 10 best things in a Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing Class Celebrating 10 Years of Mindful Mamma®

1. Hypnosis Techniques
Visualisation techniques that harness the power of your mind to later feelings and experiences is an incredible thing to learn and understand. They are most effective when you understand how to tailor them which is why a class is so important. Hypnosis is not just relaxation. Your practitioner helps you do this.
2. Know what magic your body is doing!
From this....to a baby in your arms. We don't teach you that you body can accommodate a baby, you know that don't you? But we teach why you body can birth a baby as well. Your body is incredible. We teach you why being fearless makes it easier for your body to get on and do it's magic.
3. Understanding the Benefits for Baby and Connecting with Baby
Reducing stress and increasing emotional wellbeing in you, also has an impact on baby's brain development. More research is evidencing how important stress reduction is in the mother and how it may affect long term psychological well-being of your baby. This class will show you how to reduce stress.
4. Positive Partnerships and the Birth Partner
Mindful Hypnobirthing shows a partner what is happening, why it's happening and what to do (or not to do about it!). This can make a huge different to their experieence and help with bonding. A positive experience for a partner can also set you both up for a positive parenting partnership for the long term.
5. Learning about the Power of Belief
Learning about how your beliefs are formed, how this changes your perception and experience of birth is incredible. It changes not only your approach to birth but everything. Mindful Hypnobirthing is powerful stuff. Be limitless in your thinking!
6.Understanding the Power of Association
What feelings does this image evoke? Everything we see, smell, hear and touch can trigger a feeling and a physical response. Completely unique to you. Create your own positive associations in a class that you can use as your portable oxytocin kit. Awesome!
7. We teach you about choice! Yes, you have choice, lots of it.
Understanding that you have so many choices, that you aren't always presented with, is integral to a positive experience. Learn how to ask the right questions without the medical knowledge to get the answers you need....and the benefit of waiting and trusting your body.
8. Mindfulness as well as Hypnosis.
Yes, they are different. Mindfulness is not hypnosis, just as hypnosis is not relaxation. We teach the difference. It's subtle and is about connecting from within, embracing what is. Not trying to change it.
9. You sometimes need a bit extra encouragement. We've got you when you need that.
Classes give you face to face support with a knowledgable practitioner who has been trained and supported herself through a network of midwives, psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, doulas, reflexologists, aromatherapists. Whilst we can't give you medical advice we can certainly point you in the right direction and outline the choices open to you.
You also get amazing Mindful Hypnobirthing resources! mindfulmamma.co.uk Instagram: @mindfulmamma.co.uk. Twitter: @mindfulmamma
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