ABC's of Culture by: emily proctor

Art & Literature:

Art Masterpieces
Famous Novels
Famous Artwork


Twin Towers
White House
Mount Rushmore

Communication & Transportation:

Subways are great form of transportation in New York
Facebook is a popular way of communicating all over the world with family and friends
iPhones and other cellular devices keep numerous people all over the world connected


Dark Jeans are a style for many people
Bomber jackets are a cute add on to any outfit
Vans are a very well known style of shoes


These are a few of the Fast Food Chains in America
Factories help keep this country running
Farms are another thing that keeps this country running.


There are big families.
There are small families.
There is also interracial families.


The President of The United States is who has power. This picture shows all of the former presidents and the current president.
The Congress is a group of people elected by citizens to be in power.
The House of Representative is a large group of people elected by each state to represent the average person in America.


The Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln to free all slaves.
Women being able to vote was a big event in history that has shaped this country and our culture.
The Boston Tea Party made a huge change in the culture of America.



Most people start off working at a grocery store or a restaurant. It's an easy and fast way to start learning about the real world.
This world needs transportation and many people can't afford to own their own way so they take a bus. If people are needing to take a bus, then we need bus driver to help us get around.
If you have a business, you need a secretary. This a great job if you enjoy talking to people and helping - as long as you stay professional and do not stoop down to the rude person on the other side's level.


Many families have items in their house that they pass down from generation to generation because it has value to them. In my family, we have a clock from the 1940's that was my great grandfather's that will be passed down throughout our family.
Some habits and values that families have is sitting together at dinner every night.
As crazy as this may seem, they are people on this planet that have a positive attitude everyday and let nothing bring them down. They have a great attitude and they value it very much.


The number one most spoken language in America is English.
The second most spoken language in America is Spanish.
The third most spoken language in America is Chinese.

Movement & Migration:

In 2014 Indian people were the number one race to move into America
Not many people move out of America because it is a free country.

National Pride:

Something that shows much patriotism in America is the Presidential Election every four years.
The Fourth of July is the major way of showing patriotism in America.



This was the population in the United States as of 10:53am on March 1st, 2017.
This was the population at 10:56am on March 1st, 2017. So as you can see the population is constantly changing to America.
This is from January 23rd, 2017 but it shows the population and much more information
As you can see by this chart the age group of 55-59 was the largest last year but not my much.

Quality of Life:


This is a list of holiday's Christians celebrate.
This is a list of holidays Jewish celebrate. As you can see, there is a no similarity in these two.


This picture shows the low class and the high class.
Here is a chart showing young children categorized by race. It shows what percent of each race has low income, poverty, and extreme poverty.


Interracial relationships is a big taboo in America because many people still are racist.
Gay/Lesbian marriages may be legal, but it is still a giant taboo in America.
Different religions have different taboos, as this picture shows.

Urban or Rural:

This is a picture of urban (city).
This is a picture of a farm because its rural.

Vacation & Recreation:

Vacations are always a fun and enjoyable time spent with family and friends. This picture is from Disney World in Florida - a place many people vacation at.
Most children are apart of rec teams, little league football is an example of one of them.

Ways of Everyday Life:

In other countries and cultures, clothes are washed in rivers.
This picture shows a woman washing clothes in a washing machine like some countries and cultures.

Xmarks the Spot:

Climate is the number one thing that shapes culture.


The average breakfast in America.
Average lunch/school lunch in America.
Average dinner in America.


A burger is a very typical food item in America.
Another typical food in America is pancakes.
American Football is a HUGE typical sport in America. It is a sport millions of people follow.
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