Speak "No I Don't want to!" (Anderson 135)

The book Speak gave me a reason to be aware of my surroundings. After Melinda's life was changed overnight at a party, it really got me thinking, what if Melida told someone who cared about her situation in the beginning of the story,then it would have been different. Melinda was innocent but thanks to Andy her life has changed ever since. We humans should be more alert but sadly we aren't and that's what needs to change.

In the beginning of Speak, we meet the main character Melinda. We find out she is shy and really not into school. "The First Ten Lies They Tell You In High School"(Anderson 5). (This quote shows her attitude towards school isn't all that great.)When she gets to school she meets her teachers and the only one she likes is Mr.Freeman. They were multiple rising actions of the story but one that stood out to me was where Melida finds the closet that she will have many memories in. The climax is very suspenseful and as you are reading it, it builds up tension and gets you anxious about what is going to happen next. That's all I can tell you, i'm not going to spoil the rest for you.

The picture up top might deceive your eyes after you have read the book.

In the End, Melinda's starts coming out of her shell. This misleads the reader and we find out that the same thing will happen to her this time it is in the place where she finds comfort. "I try to pull them back and squeezes so tight it feels like my bones are splintering"(Anderson 194). This quote is just a scratch of what happens to Melinda.

  1. The suspense is incredible
  2. It gives reason to be aware of your surroundings
  3. It is a book you can get hooked into
  4. It shows how Melinda develops after the incident
  5. It causes us to start caring about the person next to you
Speak is a book which gives the reader a first person narrative about a girl that starts coming out of her shell. The main character Melinda Sordino struggles throughout the book with herself but then finds herself again. This book is one of the best suspense build ups i've read. On a scale of 1-10 I will give it a 9.5. The reason I did not give it a 10 is because it left the reader to ask what will happen after the book.

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