Hate Crimes After Election Precious, Rodrigo, Aleena, and Issac

1 Many people had different opinions about the 2016-2017 election. Hate Crimes are now higher than they were than during 9/11 2001. It's said to mirror the times during the Jim crow laws.

2 In the article "Post-Election Spate of Hate Crimes worse than Post- 9/11 experts say" says that SPLC tracks hate crimes and has more than 200 complaint a day. While black kids are being told to sit in the back of the bus and young Latino children afraid of "The wall".

Many people have been discriminated against, are hating each other , and are afraid for the future.

Rodrigo: Hate crimes are at an all time high. Many people are hating on each other

Precious: People need to stop hating each other and need to except what has happened

Aleena: I believe people need to stop blaming each other for what happened. we need to move on from hate and embrace our differences.


Created with images by dying regime - "Post CoNI protests"

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