Spring Cleaning Tips

Hello, Spring! The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and as Leo Tolstoy once said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects,” so in the spirit of the spring-cleaning tradition, here are some DIY tips to get your home in tip-top shape with items you may already have at home.

Lemon Power

  • Did you know you can remove water stains from your faucets with a lemon for a natural fix? Cut a lemon in half and firmly rub the water-stained faucet with the inside of one of the halves. The citric acid helps remove hard water marks and is guaranteed to make your faucets clean and sparkly.
  • Since we don’t want to be wasteful, squeeze the juice from the other half of the lemon into a microwave-safe bowl, add 1/2 cup of water and the spent rinds, then place the bowl in the center of the microwave and heat on high for two to three minutes. Let it sit in the closed microwave for an additional five minutes and do not open the microwave door until the five minutes is up as the steam will work to help loosen any built-up grime. After the five minutes have passed, open the door, remove the bowl, and simply wipe down the microwave’s interior. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!
  • You can also use lemon juice to sanitize and freshen your garbage disposal. Mix a half-cup of lemon juice into a gallon of very hot water and carefully pour down the drain. In addition, instead of throwing away lemon rinds after juicing or other uses, toss them down the drain and grind them up in the disposal. Not only will they clean the disposal interior for you as they go, but the natural oils released from the ground-up rinds will leave your whole kitchen smelling oh-so-pleasantly fresh!
  • If your fridge smells a little funky and you have no baking soda, no problem! An uncovered lemon half placed face-up in a saucer will absorb unpleasant refrigerator smells. Replace with a new lemon half weekly to keep your fridge un-funkified and fresh.

Vinegar Power

  • Vinegar has been known to dissolve the mineral deposits that build up in showerheads over time. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, submerge the showerhead into the bagged liquid, and secure the bag over the showerhead with a rubber band. Leave it on for at least eight hours, then remove the bag, dispose of the liquid, and make sure to run the shower with hot water for at least two minutes before you jump in.
  • You can also kill unwanted flora with vinegar. Spray or pour white distilled vinegar once a day on unwanted grass, weeds, or other vegetation until they’re gone.
  • There’s no need to throw out old dishes and glassware that have lost their brand-new shine. For that extra-clean sparkling finish, add white distilled vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher before starting it up. Depending on how much help your dishes may need, you can add as little as ½ cup, or as much as 2 whole cups. Run a regular wash cycle with the same amount of dishwasher soap you would usually use, then enjoy using your shiny-as-new dishes once again!
  • If you like having fresh flowers indoors during the springtime, keep them fresher for longer by adding 2 tablespoons each of white vinegar and white sugar for every 1 quart of water. Trim stems and change the water every few days or when the water starts to look cloudy. This will keep your flowers enjoyable for several more days.

Dryer Sheets

  • We all know dryer sheets are used to help reduce static and keep our clothes smelling fresh, but did you know you can also clean your pans with them? To help remove annoying stuck-on food residue, place a dryer sheet in the middle of the pan, add warm water and a drop or two of dish soap, then just let it soak. After an hour or two, remove and dispose of the dryer sheet, drain the water, and simply wipe away the leftover residue with a sponge. When you rinse off everything, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the yucky messiness go down the drain.
  • If you have pets, this tip could come in very handy! For those stubborn little pet hairs on sofas, chairs, and clothing, use a dryer sheet instead of a lint roller. Rubbing a fresh sheet against your clothes and furniture does the trick every time and leaves you and your house smelling fresh and clean.
  • Lastly, use dryer sheets to clean and shine various viewscreens. Since television and computer screens are electrically charged, they tend to attract dust particles. Dryer sheets are designed to reduce static cling, which means they can remove the dust and prevent it from resettling, keeping the displayed colors vibrant and the lighting more accurate so you can enjoy your favorite shows even more.

Now that you’re done cleaning house, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. You’ve earned it!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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