What is in the Constitution?

There are 2 Houses of Congress, there is the Senate, and there are Houses of Representatives.

This is the House of Representatives. If you want to be a House of Representative you need to be elected and need to be least 25 years old. Also, you would have to be a United States citizen for 7 years.

This picture is a picture of the President of the United States and the Senate. To be the Senate you need to be 30 years of age. If you would like to be the Senate you need to be a U.S. citizen for 9 years. Most states have an age requirement for State Senate.
This is the President of the United States. His name is Barack Obama. He had been in office since November 4, 2008. He was sworn on January 20, 2009. To be President our need to be 35 years old. You also need to be a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years.
The Vice President is Joe Biden. He is the back up for Barack Obama. Now the new one is Mike Pence for Donald Trump. As a Vice President you are the back up for the President. Only if the President dies, resigns, or get impeached.
Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is in charge of making sure that laws of the United States of America are obeyed. That's what the police is for. The head of this branch is the President of the United States. He gets help from the Vice President, department heads, and the heads of independent agencies.
This is a picture of the police, the New York Police Department is what NYPD means. The Police helps inforce the laws. There the people that keep us safe if we're speeding, the help us if we have been robbed, and they track down people that have hurt other people. They keep us safe.
This is a picture of police cuffs. Police put these on the people breaking the laws. In the United States we have 20,000 laws. New Laws means new crimes. The congress as made about 452 new crimes so at the time the total number of Federal crimes surpassed 4,450.
The Judicial Court of the Federal government involves the United States Supreme Court and all other lower courts that are and were created by the congress. This branch is broken down into just three sections.
The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the U.S. It's the establishment of Article III of the United States Constitution in 1789. The Supreme Court is the last judge of any laws involving the Laws of Congress.
Supreme Court knows about all hearings in the U.S. They normally do the highest broken law. The congresses power is limited by the other 2 branches. Those 2 branches are the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.
The first admenent is prohibiting the making if any law respecting an establishment of religion. Basically it's saying that no matter what religion you need to respect it. So if your not Christian the government can't raise your taxes.
The second amendment is the right to bear arms. In 2016 there was a hug dispute of our President tying to take that away from us. We fought back by basically saying that we have people fighting for us so we can have this right and of you take that from us all those people dying died for thinking he did the right thing but then they think they haven't.
Amendment 3 states that no solider shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner. It is basically saying that no solider shall be allowed to live in someone's house without the yes of the owner. Even if they are buying another house they need the yes form the previous owner.
The fourth amendment provides the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, paper, and effects against unreasonable searches and people. That is saying that people/citizens have their own right to paper, houses, and other things. They also have the right to choose who they want to be with.
In the 5th amendment it concludes to saying that when your arrested you can not testify against yourself. Also, you can not be compelled to be against his or her self in a criminal case. A criminal case is like a murder or burg burglary.
In the 6th amendment it said you can have a speedy trial. A speedy trial is a trial when a crime has been committed. If your the accused and you have admitted to yourself you have a right to a speedy trial.
In the 7 amendment it says that you can have a trial over non-criminal crim. So you could have a trial for custody of a child. You could even have a trail for ownership of a home or lawsuits.
In the eighth amendment exesive bail shall not be required. Which is saying that if you commit a crim you can bail which is pay money to get out. The exesive is where it is to much money to pay to get out of jail.
The government has many rights. They also have lots of power. The power that the government doesn't have is given to either the states or the citizens of the states.
The 11th amendment shall not be construed to any extend to any law or equity. Saying that no one shall inturepted in a any way. So you can keep,it the same way it is.
In the twelth amendment it talks about the procedure of electing the President and the Vice President. The Electoral College normall functioned Article III, Section 1, and Clause 3. The Electoral College is a body of people representing the US.
In the 13th amendment it states that you may no longer have slaves. In any 50 states. You can not have involuntary servitude either. Except, as a punishment of crime but you have to be duly convicted.
The 14th amendment says that the constitution was adopted on July 9, 1868. Also it addresses that citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws even for slaves that followed the American Civil War. They mean that even if your a slave you have equal rights.
In the 15 amendment it allows people to vote no matter race, color, or condition of servitude. They are stating that if you are a different color you vote. You can vote even if your a girl or a slave. But the government can not deny your right to vote.
In the 16th amendment it allows the government to take tax of American citizens. They use the taxes to build bigger army's make roads and bridges, and also other tasks that are needed. The government still takes taxes.
In the 18 amendment is restricts prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by declaring the production, transporting, and the sale of alcohol. You may not consum it until a certain age. Also you couldn't have private possession.
The 19th amendment was mostly made for women. It was because women were denied the right to vote for a long time. When the amendment was signed from the very second you were not allowed to deny the right for women to vote.
For the 20th amendment was a very simple amendment. It just switched the days of when the President and the Vice President were elected out of office. It also moved the congress.
For the 21st amendment it just enforced the 18th amendment more. Since the 18th wasn't taken seriously it just made more people sell more alcohol illegally. It made the prohibition of alcohol.
For the 22nd amendment it just states that a person can not be elected more than twice. For one term it is 4 years. So if your elected twice you have been in office for 8 years. After the second term you may not be elected again.
For the 23rd amendment it just gave the right to citizens of a state to elect a state senate. Because for 125 years the Electoral College voted for the senate But when that 23rd amendment was written people were able to vote for the senate.
In the 24th amendment abolished tax for voting. You used to have to pay poll tax to vote. Poll tax is anywhere from 1 to 2 dollars that had to be paid annually for a person to vote but they abolished it.
For the 25th amendment it allows the Vice President to be president if the current president resigns, dies, or is impeached. A president can be impeached from office if he or she commits treason.
The 26th amendment says that no one that is 18 years of age or older shall not be decided there right to vote. If you just turned 18 the government or any state can nit deny your right to vote. Even if you turned eighteen that day.
For the last amendment, amendment 27 says that any raise or decrease if pay can and will not be occurred until the next election. So if someone demands a raise it won't happen till the next election. It only goes for the congress.
What does the constitution mean to me? It means many things, the main thing to me is freedom. We have people fighting so we can go out and buy TV's or play basketball. While they are worrying that they might not make it home. That's really depressing but what they do is helping us and we just take it for granted. Not every one but a lot of people do and that is not ok.
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