Tremendous' Weekly Content Review 02-14 -- 02-20

Another week full of great content has just passed! If you're afraid you missed something FRET NO LONGER! Here is a week's worth of content that you not only cant miss... YOU WONT MISS! #ROAR

Well then! I start us off this week with Game 1 and 2 of the Baton Rouge Tournament I went to at a shop called Little Wars. If you get a chance to game in Baton Rouge, I highly recommend this store!

Genephelps from Wargaming from the Balcony is up next and this week they brings us some more great content! A High Born Elf Army book review and a great video on their perspective on the Magic system. Gripes, suggestions, Great ideas! These guys touch on all the bases. Great vids to watch this week!


2DSICK is up next with some great content of his own! A pair of unboxing videos! First one is of Shieldwolf's Mountain Orcs, and the second is of Kromlech's Rotten butcher! I enjoyed the heck out of these!

Mittierim Brings us Episode 8 and 9 of his narrative battle reports. I don't care what kind of gamer you are, listening to Mitt and the Boys' stories has got to be one of the best aspects of the hobby! Love this channel!

Blonde Beer of The Orange Road brings us an in-depth rules clarification video on overruns this week. It's enlightening and I love the videos that clarify rules. Makes for a great reference and helps us all become better players!

Exhol of Mr.Axhol brings us game 4 of 5 from the Norwegian Tournament he went to. This one was really good! I'm looking forward to game 5!

HRBP of H R (TSC, Ant, Ect) brings us a couple of excellent, "in your F'in Face" videos explaining his stance on the magic phase, Totemic Summon, and whiners in general. Its a good wake up call video and makes you think in a way only HRBP can make you think. Then, as a palate cleanser, he gives us a great Undead Battle Report!


SkaveninAZ is up next and brings out his Vermin to take on an infestation of Pestilence demons that have invaded his burrow. Not sure if I enjoy his WotDG army more than his Vermin Swarm, but I do enjoy his reports, so I'll keep watching them till I figure it out. You should too!


Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCKS is back this week with another great podcast episode! This week they give us a v1.3 tier list, which I found VERY insightful, and they talk about the Cardiff Team Tournament as well as the English Championships. Don't miss this episode!


Raffazza of SLANN RAT RADIO brings us an new podcast episode this week as well! In it he is joined by Fnarrr to discuss a few very important topics. How to become a better player, Are infernal Dwarves having an identity crisis, and the Stupidity level of top players. Really enjoyed this episode! Go check it out!

Warboss Tooth is back this week! (CHIHAMMER!) Turns out he's not dead! Instead, he's been running his first 5 game tournament up in Chicago! DA GAUNTLET! Looks like it was an excellent time and anyone that watched Chihammer's ETC content knows this man can make excellent GT videos!

Rasmus7814 is up next with another great battle report where the Saurian Ancients take on the Kingdom of Equitaine in a brutal match up where almost nothing survives! Truly a great report!

Finishing us off this week is THERE IS NO SPOON with a delightfully fun and clever intro to a painting blog I believe he's getting read to start. Looking forward to seeing his page, and his models, progress!

And that will do it for this week's T9A content! Join us again this week for all new and amazing T9A content stuff! It's worth your time and enhances your hobby! ENJOY!

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