Mobily TVC visual look by Ahmed Alaa ELDEEB

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for such a heartwarming and interesting project and due to the squeezed time, this is my interpretation of the visuals of this project.

Overall Approach

Our main concept in this copy is to "Connect" to connect with the people around us in terms of helping one another and in terms of sharing the moments with others even if they are strangers and this is what we will communicate in this film.

Storyline Visuals

The Blood Donation Sequence

This sequence will be mainly in a car where our hero will enter it to donate blood and we see the process of his blood being donated and cut to see that blood being donated to another human at the hospital.

The Car Sequence

The car sequence is where we see two people in a desert and their car is stuck in the sand while the find a car passing by and it stops to help them out.

The Plane Sequence

We will see a woman entering the plane with a carry on and babies in hands. She is so messed up and over the place while another man comes in to help her put her bags and holds one of the kids so she can sit down.

Another option would be a woman with her carry on and babies, coming out from the supermarket two babies and a lot of shopping bags and then two girls come and help her out.

The Privileged vs. Unprivileged Sequence

We see a little boy in the car with his parents eating, while he sees from the window a poor kid on the street looking at him sadly. The boy gets out of the car and goes to the little boy and gives him the sandwich.

El Fetur Consumable Sequence

Several men and women are distributing food and beverages to the people in their cars while we cut to see them in small villages helping people out and a crowd of poor families gathered around the young people who are distributing food.

The TV Sequence

A family is sitting at home watching TV where they see the news and interact with it.

cinematography & Grading

As for the grading I picture it to be very real and warm as to give the feel of the copy and also makes the audience watch the film pleasantly without any color distractions from our story. The lighting is a key element for our glory moments that we have in our film.

There will be a heavy use of dramatic lighting where we will have a visible contrast between the lighting of the day street and the one in the indoor sequences.

Thank you
Created By
Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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