Computer Applications Hannah Honig

Why was I interested in taking Computer Applications this year?

I was interested in taking Computer Applications this year for many reasons. One of these reasons being that I needed to fulfill my technology credits and by taking this class, I could. Another reason is because I am fairly familiar with most online tools we use in school, but I wanted to have a better understanding on exactly how they work and to learn some shortcuts to help make my experience better.

What is the most important thing I learned in this class?

The most important thing that I learned in this class was how to use Microsoft Excel. As much as I was not a fan of the program, I know it will be useful to know in the future for a various number of different jobs. It was good for me to learn how to use it now, so I am not totally struggling with it later in life.

My top three projects

1. Career Choices

This was one of my top three projects because I think it was one of my best and also the most useful to make. To make the project, we had to take a survey about our interests and the results gave us potential career choices. From these choices, we made a presentation about which ones we were interested in. It was helpful for me to be able to do research now on a career path that I am interested in pursuing in the future.

The career that the quiz pointed me to was teaching, which was actually what I am interested in.

2. Recipes Project

This project was also one of my top three because it was one of my best and one of the most fun to make. For this project, we had to pick five different recipes with a similar theme. After we picked them, we had to create a presentation including the ingredients and baking instructions. I decided to pick five different muffin recipes because they are one of my favorite kinds of food. This project will be useful for me in the future because now I will have some new recipes to try out.

These are pictures of some of the muffins I included in my project.

3. microsoft Office Suite Project

This was another one of my top projects because it was the most informative, not only for me, but also for any other people viewing it that do not have a good understanding of Microsoft programs. For this project, we had to discuss Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel. For each program, I had to write what each tool is used for, five things I learned, and add a video about how to use it. This was a useful project because I was able to recall old information I learned and also learn new information.

Microsoft Office Programs


I would take this class again if I could as long as I could learn new information about different online programs. I would recommend this class to peers, if they felt that they needed to learn more about computer applications. If they were already an expert, then I feel like it would not be completely helpful or necessary to take the class.


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