Understanding WWI By-Matthew Beans

Goal and Objective

Goal- Identify Causes of WWI.

Objective- You will create a short story approx. 2-3 pages long (double-spaced) and explain how World War I occurred and if it could've been prevented.

Common Core Standards

This web quest corresponds with the Common Core Standards of Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies- Standard #1- Choices have Consequences.

Essential Question- Could World War I have been prevented?

Check out These Helpful Resources.

To help you get started, check out these web resources prior to beginning your assignment to help you better understand the circumstances surrounding WWI.

The History Channel Website will provide and in depth summary of events that took place in the Beginning to the End of WWI.
With this website, here you can learn the underlying causes of WWI and how this conflict would eventually come to exist in history.
In this web source, there is an interactive timeline that you can use to see a more in-depth overview of events that transpired during the course of this war.
Check out this website, www.instagrok.com, and try to get a feel for the vocabulary and and vernacular related to World War 1.

When you have checked out all available resources in the previous pages, you are to write out a short essay paper (2-3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman) on what caused WWI and if it was possible to avoid it.

For your assignment, you will be graded based upon your ability to not only show that you understand the material being discussed, but that you also that you can relay your original ideas/thoughts within a limited amount of space to work with. your score will be based on the rubric below.

Rubric Template Rubric Topic: (Understanding World War I) Beginner 1, Developing 2, Accomplished 3, Advanced 4

Understanding of the topic-

1)Needs much development on the understanding on the topic at hand

2)Is beginning to have a grasp on the subject matter, yet needs improvement

3)Has a good understanding on the topic at hand.

4)Knows the subject through and through, and displays that knowledge well.

Provided relevant facts-

1)Provided little to no input into the answer for the question at hand.

2)Provided some input/facts but still needs improving

3)Has provided the necessary facts to answer the question in the assignment.

4)Has not only provided adequate information, but has presented that they understand the subject matter through their chosen facts

Spelling and grammar-

1)Has left an abundance of spelling/grammatical errors to where it is difficult to read the information.

2)Has displayed some levels of proper grammar usage when presenting the information.

3)Is able to provide the information clearly and concisely.

4)Is able to show proper organization as a well as no grammatical errors, making the story clear and sound.


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