William Koolage CAS Highlights

He is the Director of General Education at EMU and a Professor of Philosophy for the Department of History and Philosophy. His main areas of work are General Philosophy of Science and Teaching and Learning. As he prepares for Fall classes, he has been considering how to build knowledge together in remote and online learning environments. “The goal is for everyone to build an understanding of the course content together,” Dr. Koolage explained. “One of the concepts I think a lot about is objectivity. The social conception of objectivity holds that you need to have different perspectives working together to generate more objective knowledge. Basically, we're better together than alone.” Because of this Dr. Koolage has been thinking about journaling activities where students can think, reflect, and then plan how they can improve their learning and knowledge, and how to conduct group learning activities remotely. As for his research, Dr. Koolage has three main areas of expertise. One consists of a purely philosophical project, asking questions like what are the sciences about, are they able to be objective, and do they describe the world as it actually is. He also thinks generally about cognition, but especially teaching and learning in Philosophy. He has several publications on matters of inclusion within Philosophy as a discipline. Lastly, he has a set of questions about how we can enhance bachelors degrees in general. For example, how degrees are designed, who is a bachelor's degree really for, how we build the non-research core degrees, and what are the other parts of the degree that matter. Finally, he developed and led EMU's annual, international Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy, which, in its 11th year, may be virtual. Thank you Dr. W. John Koolage for your passion and enthusiasm! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS