Saint Dominic Mollin Helfrich


  • Born at Calaroga, in Old Castile, Spain (1170)
  • His parents were member of the Spanish nobility ( father was the royal warden of the village)
  • His mother was already Christian
  • Dominic was educated in Palencia for the clerical state by an uncle that was an archpriest
  • Another book said he was educated in theology and the arts
  • Founder of the Dominicans
  • Sold all of his belongings and gave money and food to the poor during a great famine that swept over Rome
  • In 1206 he founded at Prouille, a covenant of women for the purpose of receiving converts from Albigensianism
  • In 1216 he founded the Friars Preachers
  • He was traveling from Rome to Madrid, Toulouse, Paris, and Bologna from 1218-1219 establishing houses and teaching and studying
  • Within 4 years he founded 19 Priories in Italy
  • He died on August 6th, 1221 in Bologna Italy after many weeks of being ill

Iconography and Patronage

Saint Dominic can be recognized by a staff in his hand that represents his travels to spread the word of God, the books that represent his studies at Palencia, being the Saint of astronomy. He can also be shown holding a rosary, representing his holiness. His black over white habit represents the Dominicans (preachers)

St Dominic is the Patron Saint of....

  • Astronomers
  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Innocent who are falsely accused of crimes


One legend says there were many signs of the great child she would bear. One of the most common legends says that during the pilgrimage, Joan had a dream of a dog leaping from her womb with a torch in its mouth. The animal "seemed to set the earth on fire."

Prayer by Saint Dominic

May God the Father who made us bless us. May God the Son send his healing among us. May God the Holy Spirit move within us and give us eyes to see with, ears to hear with, and hands that your work might be done. May we walk and preach the Word of God to all. May the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last by God's grace to the Kingdom. Amen. ~Saint Dominic


Where was St Dominic born?

  • Guzman
  • Rome
  • Calaroga
  • Palencia

What is St. Dominic the Patron Saint of?

  • Toulouse, people in need, homeless
  • Astronomers and The Dominican Republic
  • Dogs running with burning torches in their mouths

Where was he first educated?

  • Balencia
  • Calaroga
  • Palencia
  • Milan

Where did Saint Dominic die?

  • Bologna
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Prouille

What was founded by Dominic at Prouille?

  • An institute for his friars
  • A house for Christians to meet
  • a covenant of women for the purpose of receiving converts from Albigensianism

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