City of Gillett

Local municipality
150 N. McKenzie Ave. Gillett, Wi 54124

Overview: no one can push, shove, or dump snow onto anything of public access. Decision: If you don't get rid of the snow within 24 hours then, there will be penalties because it would be a violation of city public nuisance ordinances. Opinion: I agree that people shouldn't be able to dispose of snow onto public property. People can easily slip and fall if the snow turns into ice. You are also making more work for the city, because they will have to pick it up for you. My solution is if people shovel snow onto the road or don't shovel their sidewalks, then they should get a warning for the first time. For the second time it should be a $10 fine and then the amount doubles every time after that. If people knew there would be a fine they would be more careful with their snow.

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