A message for the Salem community March 27, 2021

Opposing Protest Groups Expected at the State Capitol this Weekend

Two separate groups are promoting protest events on social media which are scheduled for Sunday, March 28, at the Oregon State Capitol.

The Salem Police Department and Oregon State Police (OSP) are in close communication and coordination to ensure appropriate preparations are in place for the anticipated events. OSP is the lead agency for activities on state capitol property, while the Salem Police Department will provide a support role as needed.

Our expectation for every protest event is that participants assemble peacefully, and that our community is not negatively impacted. Causing physical harm to others, damage to property or purposefully blocking streets are unacceptable situations which will be addressed to best ensure community safety.

Residents should keep in mind there is a possibility for the disruption to traffic flow in the vicinity of the capitol building in the late morning hours and into the afternoon.

Please monitor the Salem Police Department or OSP’s media platforms for any traffic or police advisories.

Thank you.

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