What I have Done In Technology By Andrew Weil

We started off the year with doing Impossible puzzles by connecting shapes to fit inside a shape perfectly.

After doing that we went on to practicing measuring by using a ruler to make a drawing but needed to use exact measurements and go on the correct dots.

Next, We learned how to use Sketchup a program for designing things for many reasons and how we did that was first learning how to color in a kitchen in the program.

We then learned about wind turbines, what we did was make a wind turbine and see how much electricity it made from the wind spinning it around and around.

What we then did was learn a lot about engineering, when we did that we took notes about engineers and I learned a lot about the history of engineering.

We then watched a really great video about what the 5 hour energy CEO is doing and how well it is for the world and how it makes the world a better place. Including the change of salt water to fresh water fast so we could stop droughts or a water crisis without polluting or leaving a big carbon footprint.

The most recent project we did is making towers using wood, we would glue pieces of wood together and end up making a small tower from the wood, then we will see how much weight the tower will hold but that is yet to be done.

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Andrew Weil


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