Between a Rock and a Hard Place By: Caleb Rice, Nick molenkamp, Seth Jackson, Brendan Roley, Eddie Hartwig, niko torrible, and Ben walker


In late April of 2003, author Aron Ralston goes on a solo-hiking trip outside of Moab, Utah. After spending a portion of his day with two young women he meets on the hike, Ralston parts ways with the women and continues into Blue John Canyon. During his hike he dislodges a large chockstone, which pins his right arm against the canyon wall. After a variety of failed attempts to dislodge the chockstone, Ralston is left with limited options. He either can wait for an unlikely rescue or perform the unthinkable task of amputating his own arm.

With only a small ration of water and two burritos, Ralston survives the next six days. He suffers from dehydration, hypothermia, and starvation. Finally, with no other options and time running out, Ralston amputates his arm and hikes out of the canyon. But will he make it out?

Characters: Aron Ralston, Megan, Kristi, Aron's Mom and Dad.

Setting: Blue John Canyon

Conflict: Aron's arm is stuck in a boulder

Aron Ralston is the author.

Aron Ralston on the cover of Between a Rock and a Hard Place

3 memoir techniques: drop off, be bold, build suspense


reprimand, an act or expression of criticism and censure


anxiety, a vague unpleasant emotion in anticipation of a misfortune


bureau, an administrative unit of government


void, an empty area or space


petroglyph, a carving or line drawing on rock


regard, the condition of being honored


scant, less than the correct or legal or full amount


unnerving, inspiring fear


terra firma, the solid part of the earth's surface


overexert, exert (oneself) excessively and go beyond one's strength


frenetic, excessively agitated


amphitheater, an oval large stadium with tiers of seats


inadvertently, without knowledge or intention


hastily, in a hurried manner


threefold, three times as great or many


Aron was stuck in Horseshoe canyon for about 5 days

The map of Bluejohn Canyon

The meaning of Between a Rock and a Hard Place "In difficulty, faced with a choice between two unsatisfactory options." Which is what Aron faces when his arm is traped

Just some of the beautiful rock formations. They are also very dangerous.

The theme of this book is taking risks for survival. Which Aron had to do when he cut off his arm.

The connection of this book goes to anyone that mountain climbs or hikes. Just be careful out there or this could happen to you.

Nick:I would say that this book is very good; but he goes into too much explanation for some chapters. In chapter 1 he explains everything he brings on his trip; which is useless for the book. 3/5

Caleb: I say the book was pretty good; but he goes to unnecessary plot points into his book; for example he goes to flash backs that have no necessary meaning so i give it 3/5.

Seth: I would rank the book 3/5 because the beginning of the book is all backstories and they aren't really relevant to the book in my opinion.

Brendan: Its pretty good but It goes in too much detail about weather to cut his arm off. I would rate the book 3/5

Ben: The book was very well written and gave great detail and description. I give it a 4/5.

Niko: The book was alright, it got boring at some parts but if was very descriptive about what happened. 3.5/5

Eddie: I personally loved the book it was suspenseful but a little slow so I would give it a 4/5.


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