Food Waste in the Reber Thomas Food Court Tianjing Sun

The problem of food waste is a serious environmental issue.

Food waste is always unnecessary and preventable!
The Reber Thomas Dining Hall Produces unnecessary food waste.
Even though the Reber Thomas Food Court is an award-winning facility, it should still strive to stop food waste!

Liberty University can do better!

Created By
Tianjing Sun


Created with images by StockSnap - "bananas fruits food" • Pexels - "disposal dump garbage" • dmjarvey - "Don't Eat The Crusts" • stevendepolo - "Rotting Compost Food Macro March 01, 20113" • sporkist - "2006_04_10" • James Bowe - "Apples by the road" • USDAgov - "Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste" • jbloom - "plate scraping"

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