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About Me:

Video Games have always been a part of my life since I can remember. I enjoyed my childhood mainly because I was free to play and have many adventures. I had a very big imagination and was always thinking of different stories in my head but as a kid I was very shy and quiet most of the time so I couldn't really express myself very much. I enjoyed hanging out with friends a lot but most of the times I wanted to be alone and just enjoy Video Games. I was able to immerse my self into the fantasy world and forget the everything around me. For me storytelling is super important for any game, It gives the game a purpose and meaning as well as something to look forward to. A good story will suck you in and keep you wanting more. That's the type of story I want to share with the world. All these emotions and ideas that come to my head, I want to be able to share it with everyone. What I can't explain well or say, I will do so by sharing my stories.

My Work:

My stories are just memories, dreams and other things that I seen throughout my life. I mold these images in my head and make something interesting and creative. I'm a big fan of plot twists and drama where it makes the reader think and theorize. I want to be able to make people get attached to my characters and also relate to them.

Heishokyofushio (Claustrophobia)

The story begins in this mansion where our main character Aki suddenly finds himself trapped and without memory. He must now venture into the mansion in search for way out and find answers to why he is there in the first place. In his adventure, he encounters a girl of the same age who is also lost but somehow seems like she knows the place well. As they go through the mansion the encounter 3 other guests who also seem to not remember as well. during this adventure you must work together with your party or choose to work alone in order to save yourself. as many problems' arise more tension occurs and you must find a way to keep everything calm or just take matters into your own hands.

The Jacques Effect

Jacques is a young aspiring artist who devotes most of his time working on his paintings. Jacques main motivation is creating maze-like paintings. He acquires a brush once owned by Van Gogh himself. This brush mysteriously makes his paintings more realistic, almost as if they are trying to suck you in the painting. One day he gets himself stuck in his paintings. An evil force threatens his very existence in the world and now he must figure a way out with only his brush by his side...

The Path I've Chosen

A man wakes up in a room with two doors. He can't seem to remember anything that happened before. Here he must make a choice on which door to pick. What do these mysterious doors lead to and will you make the right decision? Journey through this short story and every choice you make has an impact on how your end will be decided.

A short game I came up with in class where you take control of a mysterious man who finds himself in a dark place and not knowing anything. The player has to go with him through his journey to try to figure out his missing memories.

Other works

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Miguel Herrera

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