Audacia. The perfect place for adventure, crazy stunts, and insanely daring things to do. We have everything you could possibly want to fuel your crazy adventuring side. Everything you've aver dreamed of. Right here.

Our mission statement: For everyone to live life to the fullest and pack in as much adventure as possible, pushing past the limits, always.

  • Family is key and important, but friends are as equal or more than for everyday adventuring
  • Law/enforcement is only needed for violence against other humans
  • Must submit to weekly health check
  • Mandatory Sunday worship
  • No fear, no weakness, only goodness and bravery, no negativity, no giving up, only determination and perseverance, no bragging or rudeness
  • No school required, reputation determined by achievements in Adventuring and daring deeds
  • Annual optional adventuring tournament to compete, adventuring olympics
  • optional (though with very popular use) pills that eliminate sleep and allow more adventuring time through the night
  • You gather and prepare your own food, though surplus amount and variety throughout landscape, hidden chests and crates of good food hidden throughout changing landscape

The location encompasses certain various environments (industrial, abandoned, ruins, jungle, forests, beaches, jungles) and fluctuates every day for exploration purposes, with different food and water locations every day that you have to find.

The daily schedule consists of waking up (if you didn't take the pills) and meet with friends for an unplanned exploring adventure through different settings finding as many possible ways to be daring/ stupid/ bold/ brave along the way

Democracy government, council elected by the people, past daring well known people too old for usual daily routine

Who wouldn't want to live here? Time of you life every day


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