Alan Balisi Photographer

Alan Balisi was born in the Philippines, an area plagued with violence, the technique that he uses in his art is used through oil paints, and his pictures convey a sense of silence, and eerie fear.

Describe-This artwork appears to be a painting, done with oil and features very sparse colors. When I first see the art, I notice the people sitting down. You are unable to tell if its day or night because the picture is taking place in a room.

Analyze- As stated before, colors in the image are very sparse, and makes the people seem to to be drained of life. The work likes like somebody took a picture of this happening in a dark room.

Interpret- When I look at this artwork, I get a sense of dread, like I don't belong there. Like there is something I should not be seeing in this image. I feel that these people shouldn't be there and are forced to be there.

Evaluate- This artwork is great because when I see this piece, I immediately feel uneasy, it conveys its message well.

Describe- This is another oil painting with some sort of note being exchanged by two people.

Analyze- The images has no color, so it creates a stark sense of tension.

Interpret- I feel like some sort of covert note is being passed between the two people which could possibly signify some sort of rebellion.

Evaluate- The image is properly able to convey a mood of secrecy, using the lack of color, gestures in the image by the people.

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