Cowley County Jacob Winders


GE Aviation
  • Waterfall at lake Waldschmitt which is named the 10th most beautiful waterfall by yahoo
  • Stone arch bridges
  • GE Aviation
  • Rubbermaid factory (where Gatorade coolers are made)
  • Barn Quilt trail
  • Cowley college


  • Elizabeth Taylor was a film legend
  • The James Gang: These criminals robbed a cowley county bank in broad daylight and stole $1000 dollars without firing a shot.
  • Luke Short was a gunfighter, gambler, and a saloon owner. He dueled Charlie Storms and Jim Courtright.
  • Buffalo Bill was a US scout. He used to hunt buffalo.
  • Pretty Boy Floyd was a infamous gangster. He stole several thousand dollars.
  • Bill Doolin was an outlaw. He pulled bank and train robberies.

Current county clerk: Karen Madison

Current county sheriff: David Falleti

Cities and populations:

  • Arkansas City, population of 12,205
  • Winfield, population of 12,258
  • Atlanta, population of 194
  • Burden, population of 536

Common jobs:

  • Working for Rubbermaid
  • Working for GE Aviation

Major events:

  • Cowley County fair: The first fair was hosted in October 1871, thanks to the Cowley County Agricultural Society, which built and paid for improvements for the fair.
  • Arkalalah festival: This festival was dreamed up by three Arkansas City buissnessmen in 1928. Their goal was to cheer up locals during bad economic times and to keep kids out of mischief at Halloween
  • Walnut Valley Festival: This festival was started in 1967 as the Southwestern Folk Festival in Southwestern College in Winfield. Sam Ontjes directed this festival while Stuart Mossman did publicity.

Cowley county was named after Matthew Cowley

Cowley County is supposedly Dr. Pepper's birthplace.


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