Goals Common Exhibit #6

For this exhibit we did an in class activity. This activity was extremely difficult and actually caused a lot of stress that day for me. It made me realize that I needed to determine what was important to me.

During the activity I laid out my cards and these are the cards that really stood out to me.

This is important to me because my goal is to be a light in the world. I want to make others laugh and give them happiness and joy. This causes more people to want to be around me.
Wealth is almost everyone's dream. It is important to me because I believe that wealth is somewhat tied to happiness, in an interesting way.
I think the whole point of life is to get along with others. To live in harmony is so important. In America we do a much better job of this than any other country, in my personal opinion. We make it a point to not only self-love but also love each other
Again, we should all live in harmony and nothing less. I think that we could have advanced so much more by now if we just work together.
I have always been a one person friend. This is why being in a relationship is hard on my friends. I slowly creep away from them.
This for me can be good or bad. It makes it hard on me when someone close breaks relations. However, I like the feeling of intimacy and it was hard to get rid of it.
This is vital to me. I can't count the numerous times I have been lied to. I believe it bothers me more than anything. I also think that not saying anything is almost worse than actually lying.
This stayed all the way up to my number one. Even though it probably should be my number one, my actual number one has God's will inside of it. I have been raised in a church most of my life so I believe that's why that value sticks with me.
I love my family so much. They are the most supporting and loving family. I honestly couldn't do my life without them.
It is important in my life to be strong. I struggle to be strong emotionally, academically, and mentally so I stay strong physically.
Being one with nature is a HUGE value for me. I love the earth and the earth loves me. God made this planet for me and you and we need to take care of it. We have to treat this world with respect as it is the only one we have.
My parents have always said I had a big heart and I do. When someone hurts, I hurt. It's bad and good, but more good than bad.
This was big for me because I used to be homeschooled. Even in my past jobs I've had to be determined and independent and I love both the feelings.
This is my number 1 for sure. I want new. I want exciting. I want enticing. I don't like change but I do like adventure.
Being accepted is very important to me. My parents have always made it a point to accept and support us as we are. I really hope to implement that with my own children because I think that it made us great kids. God accepts me for who I am, and I want to do that with everyone I meet.

My top values were, in order :

1. Adventure

2. God's will

3. Family

4. Fitness

5. Compassion

6. Autonomy

7. Humor

8. Honesty

9. Wealth

10. Monogamy

Short term goals:

1) During this summer I would like to learn C++ programming, along with Java. In order to do that I will be taking a class over the summer at Piedmont Technical college.

- This applies to my adventure value through trying new things. I'm excited to learn about programming because it is a step toward my long term goal of having an internship at IBM.

- This applies to my value #2, because I have let God place a door in my life to take these classes over the summer. He's also shown me that this is definitely a career I would like to pursue.

- This applies to my value of family, because my dad works at IBM, the company I want to work at. I've asked him to help me with programming this summer and he agreed to! That will help me with spending time with my dad because usually he works out of state for weeks at a time. He even said he might take me on a work trip with him this summer to some of the corporate offices.

- This applies to my value of fitness because I will be working out my brain all summer. I'm excited to become more knowledgable.

- This applies to my value of compassion because I know computer majors here that complain about the curriculum, but I know that now I am one and have to get through it as well. I always thought pre-med was a much harder major, biut now I can relate to the computer majors as well by learning these programming softwares.

2) Making an A in my CU 1010, SPAN 1020, & ECON 2110 class.

This is a tough goal but I know I can do it.

- This applies to my adventure value because this is exploring new territory for me. College has been hard and I haven't gotten an A in a while. I am doing pretty well in those three classes.

- I think I'm pressing into God's will by being a good steward. I am trying my hardest to do everything I can to get a good GPA. By getting a good GPA and graduating I can get a good job in my life.

- It's hard to find this applying to my family unless I think of a future family. If I want to have a family in my future I need good grades to later get a good job.

- When I think of getting A's and how it will apply to fitness is by making my brain workout. The stronger I am in these subjects, the better I will do next semester when I have classes that follow these.

- In order to apply these to my value of compassion, I have to think about how I have to have compassion on my teachers if they don't give me the grades I want. It's not their fault, it is mine.

3) Saving my money this summer so I can afford my cruise.

- As for my value of adventure, I'd like to save money so I can explore new places this summer. I'd like to go to the Bahamas with my friend, and maybe even take a trip on my own.

- I hope that through saving money, I can be able to go places that God places me. It enables me to travel further and do more for Him.

- Saving money might help with some financial problems that our family has. I ask for a lot from my parents. I think by saving my money I can avoid small fights with my parents.

- By saving money I can afford a gym membership this summer! This means I can continue to work out all summer long.

- I hope that after seeing how hard saving money is, I can have compassion on my parents for not always giving me money to do exactly what I want.

Long Term:

1) Apply for the worldwide student internship I want at IBM before I graduate.

- This applies to my value of adventure. I want to be able to travel all over the world. I have already started my entry level job application and I am so excited about it!

2) To travel to every country in Europe.

- Again, adventure. I hope that if I get the job at IBM it will enable me to be able to travel throughout Europe. I also believe that this ties in with God's will! I think he has placed a love for traveling inside of me.

3) Buy a house in a city I love. (AKA not Spartanburg)

- This most applies to the family I want, and the family I have. I want to give my future family a place to live, but I also want to be able to still be able to drive over to my parents house and have lunch with my brothers and sister.

This activity really made me think about things I have never sat down and written out. I liked that I now have written goals. I'm excited to pursue them throughout the next few months and the next few years! I really like this exhibit and the activity attached because I probably wouldn't have written down my values or goals without it.


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