HNC Environment Cara Baker

Eglinton Country Park Tower

This photograph was taken at Eglinton Country Park Irvine, it is a portrait-landscape silhouette of the tower within the park grounds. I used a Nikon D3200 with a telephoto lens 70mm-300mm and a tripod, I lowered my aperture to get the contrast within the clouds, the light is coming from behind left of the tower as it was a mid afternoon. I edited this photograph by using Lightroom application, here I was able to added tints to the sky this helped bring the blue out, by reducing the highlights and increasing the shadows this helped create the silhouette affect. This is a Natural History location as Eglinton park has been there for hundrends of years, with a 1000 acres of countryside set aside and managed by the North Ayrshire Rangers.

Shells Irvine Martine Museum

This photograph was taken in the Martine Museum Irvine, this is a still life close-up of the shells stuck on an old ship that is sadly rotten away. I used a Nikon D3200 with a wide-angle lens 18mm-55mm and had a micro filter attachment, this is a shallow depth of field photograph as the main focus is of the hole on one of the shells, I struggled with this as I was hand holding my camera and it was creating some movement but after changing the position of my arms and body, I was able to hold the camera still enough. The light is coming from above right as it was mid morning, this has highlighted the details, textures and colours of the shells that can be considered for fine arts. This is a industrial location as this photograph was taken in the old shipyard factory that now runs as a museum.

GoatFell Walk Arran

This is a photograph of one of the many paths to Goat Fell in Arran, this a rural landscape photograph that can be used for commercial purposes for advertising in tourism. I used a Nikon D3200 with a telephoto lens 70mm-300mm and a tripod, I used Lightroom application to edit this photograph by increasing the highlights, vibrant, greens and blue every so slightly this has allowed the colours to stand out more. The light is coming from the left this has highlighted the different textures, shades and colours of the trees, also the light appears to created small spot lights in between the trees. I struggled to get the correct exposure as it was difficult to pick up on the colours, by reducing my aperture to 5.6 and shutter speed 1/40 this would allow more light to travel through my lens, by increasing my ISO to 400 I would be able to capture this without a high noise level.

Grit Glasgow

This photography was taken under one of Glasgows Bridges, this is a Urban photograph that could be used as a social comment due to the conditions of the bridegs. I used a Nikon D3200 with a wide-angle lens 18mm-55mm, I increased my ISO and reduced my shutter speed to capture the detail in the gritty wall. I used a Lightroom application to edit this photo by increasing the clarity and blacks I was able to see more detail in the wall. The light is Coming face on as there is a slight shine it the dirt, also parts of the pipping and lose wires have a slight highlight on them.

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