Carnegie Robber Baron or captain of industry

Robber baron or captain of Industry? Andrew Carnegie would be described as a captain of industry because of his ambition, his use vertical integration, and his view of what the wealthy should do.

Eads Bridge, made of steel, and over a mile long. Located over the Mississippi river.

Carnegie took a big risk that ended up helping and shortening the journey to get to places.

By having control over the process of Steel, Carnegie was able to cut the price down

Carnegie used vertical integration to cut down the cost of Steel and become able to steel one of the most used materials.

Carnegie thought that the wealthy should help the non-wealthy. He thought that the wealthy should set the example of modesty, and living. He thought that a "man who dies rich dies disgraced". Leading people able to infer that he thought that the wealthy should donate or invest in things to help the poor.

Buildings like these use steel to help gain the height

Carnegie made it possible to use steel more often without the long and expensive process. Doing that helped enable people to build buildings out of steel and make taller buildings. Today, there are many skyscrapers with a bone structure of steel.

railroads, oil, and banks

The gilded age still effects the world today. Vanderbilt made railroads expand ten folds, Rockefeller made oil more accessible to people, and J.P. Morgan was a banker who bought businesses and renovated them. By those men making railroads expand, oil more accessible and renovating failing businesses, today's world is effected by it. Today, railroads are used frequently in cities, oil is used for homes, and banks are relied on by most people in the world.

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