Introduction: The country I chose was brazil. The country is a very populated country. Half of the country is the amazon rain forest. It is one of the biggest rainforest on the planet. Their are thousands of miles of river flowing throw the amazon.The forest is home to millions of plants,animals,and insects.

country:Brazil is a vast south american country that is almost half rain forest and city and country living. The population is 200.5 million as of this year its most known for the amazon rain forest and its most popular city rio de janeiro and its 38m tall statue of Christ. The countries president is michle temer who became president this pass august. He helped the country to adapt to a modern lifestyle

ecosystem or environment: The amazon rain forest spans throughout eight countries in south america. It has a total of 1.8 billion acres of dense forest and 4100 miles of river.10 percent of the world known species live their. their are 4000 plants, 427 mammals, 1300 birds, 400 amphibians, and 3000 fresh water fishes.

animal: The animal im doing is the


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