Life of AHS students Group #4

Students studying together during a Night Study session
Students studying together in the library
Student-teacher consultation
NCC practicing drills
"Everyone is given a specific role . . . I enjoy the friendship that we make during the CCA times and the new experiences that we gain in the CCA." -Koh Jin Jie, CIP Coordinator
"Building robots promotes creativity, and it's also very fun to play and build robots because each robot is unique in its own ways and each will work to accomplish its different function. It's interesting to learn to build robots for different purposes." -Poon Yi Ming, Sec 3 member
"I enjoy being able to communicate with each other and being able to work together to come up with new innovative solutions to battle problems we face in competition." -Lih Jiang, Lego IC
Students enjoying their delicious and nutritious food while chatting happily
After a long and tiring day of school, students relax at the Eagle’s Nest and play foosball.
Many students enjoy playing foosball, some even take part in the Foosball competition in our school


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