homeless By:Elena herrera

My topic is going to be about the homeless. I can relate to it because I have been homeless two times for only a day and hour. The first time was along time a go when my mom and dad divorced, so we stood at my moms job. The second time was when my mom and step-dad needed a break so me and my mom where just out the whole day later we stood with her friend.But I think that those days were nothing compared to homeless people because they have no food, clothes, bed ect. Only about 19,177 homeless people were able to get help in Texas. Out of the other homeless people in the whole world.

I think 50 years ago there was less homeless people because thing were less expensive back then. But in the internet it says 20 years ago till now it still looks like the same amount of homelessness. There is about 100 million homeless people in this word now. It also says there is lots and lots of people being homeless. But to me I feel like there is also lots of homeless people that die and come so that is problibly why it says it looks the same from 20 years ago.

50 years from now I predict that homelessness will be somehow worse in a way because there is many homeless people now but there isn't lots of people trying to help so i feel like the population will be bigger because there will be more and more homeless people coming and going. But at the same time i feel that homeless people are just going to end up starving or burning of freezing to death so that means the population can increase.

One person that helped the homeless was Jay-Z and Ellen DeGeneres. Jay-z helped because after hurricane Katrina he donated water to people without shelter or water. Then Ellen helped feed Americans and the red cross.

Something I would do is make a program and save money to travel around the world and get a large building and give the homeless people a aparment in there and a job to in the same building to buy food clothes and rent money.


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