Feelings... How the feelings change throughout Alt-J's Ms.

Retrospective thoughts caused by confusion, Though I'm filled with envy, I still hope she is well, was this my fault though? I'm so sad. I loved her, and she loved me. What could have went wrong?
I think about you, I think about us. What did I do? So many sleepless nights, feeling guilt for something that I did that I was some how oblivious to. My mind was in a scatter, so I would try to forget and rest.
My life, the way I was raised, my childhood, my first love, our relationship all in 15 minutes, while I drank a glass of water. I came to a realization, it wasn't me, it was you. I've put it together now, you cheated. Now I'm broken.
Lies, cries, rainy skies, I'm shutting down, but I'm somewhat glad she is happy, although I'm far from happiness myself. I still want her to be happy without me, although I don't want her company, the memories still contort my every thought.
The memories are never going to fade, though I am distraught and losing my happiness, she still has hers, and though we are apart, our love can never die, just because I'm hateful, and she's unloyal, and eventhough she broke my heart, I wish we could never part.


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