The Lie and The Truth The diFference made known

What is the foundational difference between The Lie and The Truth? Can it be fathomed? Yes. As a Christian we have the information needed to transform our thinking to the Truth as The Person and the life changing principle.

Satan said, 'I'll be like the Most High.' Jesus said of Satan that he was a lier from the beginning. What in this is the lie? The lie is that he could not and still cannot DO what is needed to be like the Most High.

Self effort was born. The lust for control took over.

Satan, like us, cannot pull off being like God. Satan birthed The Lie and continues to lie. When we try--we lie.

Today, in just about every way, we are told we can...if.

But we cannot.

It is as simple as this. The Truth is God can. There is nothing impossible to God, and we can do nothing to help or stop God's March to the Desired End.

How then do we live? We live first in Union with God then in Faith in God. Union with God through Jesus Christ and faith in the Person of God. The One Who can.

Somewhere it says that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD. Why fear? Seems odd knowing we face a God Who is Love. What is this type of fear birth? Oddly, it births trust! We know, God can do what is promised.

Don't be a chicken? Trust in the One Who can. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

Created By
Dean Chicquette


All photos and text by Dean Chicquette.

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