Arkansas By:Jonathan Cano

In July the temperature in Arkansas is 92 degrees.
The coldest month in Arkansas is January. The temperature are around 29 degrees and 53 degrees.

There are four foods known in Arkansas; young chickens, cotton, soybeans, and rice.

The three main resources are pine, coal, and fertile soil.

This is Bruno Arkansas you can visit it in Arkansas.
This is Arkansas post you can visit it in Arkansas.
The apple blossom is the state flower for Arkansas.
This is a mocking bird. This bird is the state bird of Arkansas.
This is a pine tree. This tree is the State tree of Arkansas.
This is The Natural State. This is the state nickname for Arkansas. The State Motto is the people rule.
This is the State Seal of Arkansas.
This is Dr. Seuss. He is one important guy from Arkansas. He is important because he is a famous author.
This is Thurgood Marshshall. He is another important guy from Arkansas .
This was used for the battle of Cane Hill, and the battle of Praire Grove, and the battle of Pea Ridge. These were all battles of the Civil War.


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