Dandelions and Droplets Photographed using only natural light

With Macro photography the challenge is always depth of field

Shot against a bokeh-like background
A single part 'blown away' dandelion clock
A whole dandelion clock

Water droplets and fronds look like tiny new worlds

Tiny fronds and water droplets

Nature together with natural light can create both interesting and beautiful images

A single perfect dandelion head

Sometimes the reflections caught in the droplets are as amazing as the dandelion seeds

Reflections in a droplet

Natural light is often all that's needed to capture a perfect picture

Purple tones reflected in the droplet

Quick camera work captures a moment where a droplet appears to defy gravity

Defying gravity

Selective Focus

Sometimes areas of softness in a photograph can add a contrast and enhance those areas of sharpness. By using a narrower aperture all of this image could have been in sharp focus, However a wider aperture was chosen to contrast sharpness of focus against softness of focus. This is exactly in the same way as the dark left hand side of the image contrasts with the lighter right hand side of the image.

Dark vs light and sharp vs soft combined

Digital Enhancements and a colour inversion help to show the dandelion in a completely different light

An inverted 'negative' image of a dandelion

Sometimes a simple high contrast black and white photograph can be as impactful as colour

A simple black and white photo

The nature of colours, lines, fronds, curves and reflections mean that dandelions can make for great abstract images

Inverted images can often reveal a completely different and sometimes unexpected colour palette. Using natural light only the inverted image below has produced warm tones with a vibrant purple colour palette.

Purple tones revealed by invention

Water droplets reflect and enhance the colours surrounding them

Part of the beauty in photographing water droplets is the myriad of colours that are reflected back into the image from surrounding colours. This dandelion had been placed on a multicoloured surface and many of the colours can be seen in the droplets.

A multitude of colours
Dandelion seeds create a strange spikey world of their own

And finally...

Dandelions are usually quite easy to find and they make for both a beautiful and interesting subject to photograph. However this type of photography is not without its own unique set of challenges, but the results can be worth it.

Enhanced reflections
A beautiful yet challenging subject

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