Invictus By:Sam

I have seen many changes in South Africa. Nelson Mandela is the person who made most of these changes. The meeting Mandela had with Francois changed many things. The meeting was mainly about leadership and the rugby team and what Francois could do to help his team get better. Mandela told him he should start training sessions so his team could perform better in the tournament. The meeting is what motivated Francois to make his team try as hard as they can to win the finals. When two people offered a Springbox jersey to a black boy with nothing to wear, he ignored them and ran off because the Springbox were losing their games and he didn’t want to be seen in the jersey. Since the team started to win more games, the fans of the Springbox began to care more about their team. The meeting also lead to the blacks and whites uniting.

The conversation from the National Sports Council was also very important. The meeting was about eliminating the Springbox rugby team. They were angry, because their team wasn’t winning any games. Mandela interrupted the meeting and began to speak. He thought that they should keep the Springbox rugby team. Mandela ended up winning the vote by 1. This meant that the Springbox had a second chance to win their next games. Without the Springbox team, everything would’ve been back to being the old way. Whites and blacks respected what Mandela did for the rugby team. During the last game, whites and blacks were all scattered around the crowd. Many more people came to the final game than the other previous games. This happened because the Springbox were winning their games. Without that second chance, none of this would’ve happened.

The visit to Robben Island was important for Francois. Francois and his team went on a boat ride to an island called Robben island. Robben island is where Mandela used to be imprisoned. Mandela was imprisoned there for most of his life. Each cell in the prison was very small. There was nothing to do in the cells, they were mostly empty. Francois realized that no matter how bad it was for Mandela, he still tried his hardest and never gave up. Francois also realized that for most of Mandela’s life Mandela was living in a very small cell and was forced to mine gravel. After the visit Francois wanted to motivate his team to try and win the finals. Francois wanted Mandela’s wish for the Springbox winning the finals to come true.

The moment when Mandela stepped out on the field in the finals was important. When Mandela stepped out on the field the whole crowd was cheering. You couldn’t hear any boo’s. Compared to the game against England this was much different. All people, blacks and whites were cheering. There were a lot of people using the new South African flag in the crowd. Blacks and whites were scattered among the crowd. This shows that the blacks and whites were equal in South Africa. The whites and blacks were beginning to respect Mandela. Both colors used the new flag at the game. The people in the crowd knew that Mandela was the one that helped the Springbox get this far which is why much more people in the crowd were cheering in the finals.

Another important event is when Mandela had the Springbox conduct training sessions. Mandela told the Springbox to travel across all of South Africa. When the Springbox were traveling they found a group of kids that wanted to play rugby with them. The kids ran over to the team and started yelling out Chester’s name. Chester is the only black guy on the team. Mandela wanted people around South Africa to get motivated into rugby, especially blacks. The Springbox team also had the chance to meet people who they have never seen before. This changed the Springbox team. They learned that kids around South Africa look up to them. People around South Africa look up to their team. The kids weren’t embarrassed about being seen near the team. Instead, they wanted to play rugby with the team.

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