Happy Gotcha Day Parker 💙

The moment we saw you we knew

"Let's get out of here"

You needed to be safe You needed to be loved

My new family

I had a New brother Max and a sister Molly to play with that wohldnt hurt me or take my food

I am never leaving this bed

And soft blankets to stay warm

Miss Bailey & Punkin & me

And theN I got another brother and another sister! So much love❤

My fur family 🐾

We just loved hangin together and snoozin in the sunshine

Just chillin
Watching daddy come home

And even though we moved to a new house and new adventures

Don't leave me mommy

And had to say goodbye 😢 to our sister when she crossed the bridge

I miss you everyday Miss B

I have always been safe and i have always been loved

Best day ever, Feb 14 2016

I even married my best friend❤💙

Our first dance

We never stop dancing & Smiling and just having fun

Me n Kady ❤ doing selfies

And have so many wonderful friends to play with and party with

Friendz are the best
Furfriendz & fun

So even though today is 'MY' gotcha day......I want to celebrate my familY & friends & say how much i love you all❤

Let's eat cake!
My besties furever

I love you 🐾

Parker 🐾

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