2018 Leadership Vision Board Activity The NALS Board of Directors introduced a new session for the NALS 67th Annual Education + Networking Conference in Phoenix, AZ – Invitation to National Leadership – which was held on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 1:30 p.m.

About 2018 Vision Boards

This session was not an invitation-only session and was open to anyone who would like information about our committees, serving on the national level, or brainstorming ideas. Guests did not need to be part of a national committee to attend this session.

To start this session, the Board Members presented for approximately 10 minutes about the mission of NALS and a few other tidbits on what it means to be a national volunteer, in a casual laid-back environment. After that, each committee created a vision board. The committees dispersed to meet individually to create a vision board for their respective committee, task force, or board. If a conference guest was not currently on a committee, they were welcome to sit with any committee of their choosing.

This way of collaborating created a cheerful atmosphere that a vision for one committee sparked an idea for another committee and the two committees could work to make those visions become a reality for NALS. After approximately an hour, each committee gathered to talk about the committee’s vision board. The Board of Directors asked each committee chair to present to the group.

These vision boards were displayed in the Exhibit Hall for all of the conference guests to see. The vision boards listed below were the committees, task forces, and boards present to participate in the activity.

NALS Board of Directors

  1. Community (#BetterTogether + #DefineYou) - Engage | Inspire | Promote | Engage
  2. Motivation (#MyNALSWhy and #OrigiNALS)
  3. Passion
  4. Energy
  5. Knowledge
  6. BIG Virtual Presence
  7. Innovation
  8. Adventure
  9. Collaboration
  10. Strategic Partnership
  11. Research
  12. Excitement
  13. Leadership
  14. Energy

NALS Foundation

  • FoUNdation - Fundraising | Volunteering | Future (To Be Determined by You!) | Grants
  • Fundraising - create member engaging events (5K and 10K), increase and continue sweeps and silent auctions, create big partnerships, create national 50/50 raffles, increase circle donors (they are the foundation of the foundation), and create weight loss challenge (pledging $ for lbs) - These fund our future.
  • Volunteering - trustees, chapter liaisons, and network for big partnerships - New volunteers for our future.
  • Grants - Eula, Mae I Get a Grant?, supporting innovative projects, and the road to success is through education.
  • Future - wide open for us to do!
NALS Foundation Vision Board Photos

Leadership Identification Committee

  • Inclusion!
  • Tasks: LIC cards, new types of engagement, attend new and quarterly membership meetings, make personal contacts, follow-up/be consistent and persistent, communicate incentives (answer to 'what's in it for me?'), create letters to employers (answer to 'what's in it for my employer?'), get people to apply by providing a link, listen to issues/concerns and provide solutions, and offer education.
  • Strategic partnering, kindness, engaging methods, outgoing OR shy? all are welcome, determined, fun, attentive to detail, fostering growth, guidance, 'fierce', and new blood!
  • LIC BUS - The right people on the bus in the right seats.
  • Bright spots - qualified, innovative, relationship builders, open-minded, financial gurus (revenue generators), strategist, and tech savvy. - Future-focused! Qualities: giving, heart/passion, born leaders, driven, focused, committed, technologically adept, 'can-do' attitude, energy, positivity, goal-oriented, and "experienced."
  • Legal champions - famous authors passionate for a legal cause, heads of known organizations.
  • Engaged - Government agencies, states, chapters, other legal associations, and schools.
  • Travel to meet new volunteers inside and outside of the association.
  • So many applicants! Fast-paced process.
  • On the LIC - Understand and carry out operational plan, willingness to reach out and touch someone, recruitment (in-person and online to make connections).
Photos from Leadership Identification Committee Vision Board

Certifying Board

  • Any and all certified - marketing to law firms, court personnel, and associations.
  • Certification and exams - specialty exams, continue to perfect, resources, outline of written communications questions and subjects to the manuals task force.
  • Communications - Between boards for text books, mock exams/SAGEs, and marketing - create liaisons?
  • Survey examinees - a marketing to do.
  • Incorporate all NALS online education resources into tests.
  • Qualified educator on CB for exam input and guidance.
  • Binary? computer language technology.

Editorial + Marketing Board

  • Communication is what everyone sees for our board (two sections, listed below), technology is our tree trunk, and motivation is the soil from which our tree sprouts.
  • Innovation - reaching out, education, past to present history articles and elements, #30DaysofEulaMae Marketing Challenge to Chapters (provide the content and resources for use) - thinking outside the box...
  • Inclusion - Highlight chapter wins, recognition, inspiration, firms/marketing to state/local bar and ABA (submit our content for use in their publications?), chapter/state distribution of communications to variety of members.
  • IDEA: National Update Day - national day to update all online professional profiles, NALS.org, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Manuals Task Force

  • Merge Student Study Guide with the Manual
  • More fun to read and learn
  • Liaison with the Certifying Board
  • Add color
  • Apps!
  • IV Roman Numerals
  • Compare Manuals
  • Review Manuals
  • Change the format
  • Relevancy
  • Outline from Certifying Board to ensure manuals content is cohesive to exams
  • Puzzles and learning items
  • Create a cliff notes guide for dummies

SAGEs Task Force

Someone who Assists, Guides and Educates

  • Experience
  • Focus on the basics we all need
  • More volunteers
  • Military transition force
  • Products mean education
  • Tools
  • Commitment/Dedication
  • Support - wind beneath their wings...
  • Legal Training Course
  • Review
  • Purpose-driven- understanding our purpose
  • SAGE - meaning wise, reflection of experience
  • Organization
  • Create elevator speech - Who are we? What do we do?
  • More components needed

These vision boards are goals and visions for the upcoming year from each participating task force, committee, and board. As a member-driven association, NALS will continue to push forward to attain these goals.


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