Learn and Like Adobe Edex Illustration Course Spring 2018

First Class

I did the first class after the second and because the second task did teach ne a lot to create the badge was much easier. I really like the shapebuilder its a useful tool and very nice designed to use. I love this overlays that show me where the shapes are. All is vector and with vectorpatterns its possible to get a lottle more alive structure. The font i used is a bought one and i tried to relate the design to it.

A Badge for Sjaani

My badge is for Sjaani i took her old logo with the ladybug that i liked a lot. Some may remember that she did a poll if to change or if not..I took her colors and built a very simple ladybug with the shapebuilder tool in Illustrator just like a symbol that does not remind her complicate ladybug. I added from a bought icon collection some symbols that for me characterize her , her help , her quick search, her answers on everything , being a tutor when the tutor has technical or time problems, being friendly and just present for any situation. Actually i should do one for Greg too. This is my thank you to all the years you are there through all changing situations always finding the way you are the Best! And the Extra to great courses great tutors and great guestspeakers!

Second Class

I started with the second lesson in order not to stay behind. I will do the Badge later. I get used to illustrator and found some tools i l love : The Shapebuilder and the Curvator tool are just great. I love pixels and images with rich color and a lot of texture and its hard for me to get all so flat and clean. So i added some Vectortextures too . I took a photo from me and made a imagetrace and kept some parts like the hair and deleated other parts like the eyes . I have many wrinkles so i took a topgraphic vector just to symbolise them. And by purpose its not symmetric because my face it not symetric at all....i played with layeroptions and blending and transparence.

My pic is not straight so i watched a little in the mirror but i didn t arrive to make it resemble, anyhow i learned a lot and got more familiar with the tools. I found that there is much more presets in Illustrator then there are in Photoshop and Indesign.

And what i don t understand is why there is not an easy crop like in Photoshop. I know its added but i can t find it so i croped with clipping but i almost gave up and wanted to crop in Photoshop. Then i remebered that in one of the live classes crop can be fit to artboard bounds and that is what i did in the end and it works. The background was a circle the artboard transparent so it came out a round png.

me or not me...?

Third class

I tried to put my love for colors in 4 icons and played a lot with the shapebuilder tool and blendings and overlays and i liked the way by blending that RGB colors with RGB screen overlay show the cmyk colors and cmyk colors with cmyk overlay on multiply show the Rgb colors and while blending PGB and CMYK with convert to greyscale i get a lot of different greys, in the end i used the famous i love and just used all colors and all overlays. the grey overlays make nice lightening effects. Of course there is many more options and i still need to learn all the tools . For this exercise i learned that using less ancorpoints while creating a shape makes it much easier to get round curves. For the heart i had at least 15 in the beginning and then reduced them to 6 . The pentool is a great tool and i got it now from the illustrator course i bought. It was in a deal to get the courses all three for less money and its still expensive but really good. I decided to buy because from the videos (link to his free you tube channel ) i saw from this teacher i really learned so much and for illustrator this course in special did give me the click to start to love it. And of course the great lessons and life classe added to enjoy illustrator finally .

I love color

Some things i struggeled is to get the layers and artboards in agood order for this exercise i ended up with many layers and all was mixed. Is there a way to create layers and connect them to artboards? And by mistake i did open the 3D tool and couldn t get red of it. Is there a shortcut just to close this tool?

Fourth class

I realy enjoyed this class and i love type and the possibilities i have in Illustrator. In the beginning i didn t understand why i should use type in Illustrator - for me Indesign is the app that is for type. But i found that in Illustrator type can be used much more as an element of the design and i can use type like shapes and forms and integrate them in all the rest.

We had Passover holiday and i got from a friend this sentence about Moses, i really liked it and decided to make my homework with this. I did play with a lot of typefaces and ended with a very simple and fat one that i used as a background or actually i did all the commandements on an extra artboard and in the end changed all together to outlines and made a transparency mask over the rest on the first artboard. I did reduce all the different fonts because i have problems with the mess more then two fonts on the same image make. And it didn t fit to what i want to say. I did change them by stretching and changing direction and i have the contrast between hebrew fonts and latin fonts. The hebrew are biblical ones the latin i wanted as simple as possible to get the contrast and to fit them to computer elements. I wanted the text to be design and not just text. And i found posters with only text and decoration quit hard to get a design look all the different types let me loos the concentration on whats said . In Illustrator fonts for me are like image elements . I repeated the beard for the cloud and colored the shapes deleted some and removed them layers and tried to get the figure interacting with the type. Transparency masks are really great . But i miss the croptool like in Photoshop and in the end i had to take the png to crop it in photoshop.

Moses and the commandements

Fifth class

Why there is this task for movieposters in so many courses? In the beginning i didn t really know what movie i want to take but after getting into the possibilities of Illustrator i know i want a disney Movie. The one i like most is Bambi and in my minimal poster i want the full of life and also the lonleyness in the same time. The fact that Bambi lost his mother is so sad and as a child i just couldn t watch this movie. But in life Bambi is so alive and gets so many friends.

I did use the blendmode and blended a gradient from the spectrum gradients in Illustrator. I love that there are so many built in features in Illustrator and i really went on a journey to discover and all the time there is more so many swatches so many symbols so many styles just fun to explore!

Disneymovies are not copyrightes i found the Disneylogo with Bambi on Wikicommons for reuse and change and an illustration of Bambi that is labled for free reuse. I did imagetrace on both and then used the pathtool to delete a thousand ancorpoints to get it very simple. I found to learn about the pathtool ist really helpful to simplyfy a complicate path. Without messing with the pathtool going crazy you can explore what each anchor does and convert points and get as little anchorpoints that is possible. I learned with this simplifying alot about the pathtool. And i found to play with transparence and patterns in a delicate way makes the hard vector looking much smoother.


The original files i took to get my pic

Final Reflection

First of all i wanted to thank all the tutors guestspeakers Sjaani Greg and Freddie and all the fellowstudents for this really great course. You all together arrived to make me love Illustrator l got the click like Sjaani mentioned in one Lesson for herself. I lost my fear to open Illustrator and to get lost and even the pentool became a friend. When getting the how to move with it its wonderful and very artistic to work with it.

I know from now on i will use Illustrator like i use Indesign and Photoshop and integrate it into my workflow . I am not a techer and i cant use it in class but i can use it daily in work. I wish there will be an advanced Illustrator course.

Thanks and see you in the next course!



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