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Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

I am expecting to learn about innovative media tools, as I am studying film production back at home, dealing with these tools is new to me...and I can't wait to learn more about it.

Besides my interest in film, I love traveling and cooking. I see myself in the future an free lancer

Stop motion movie

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Assignment 2: Video

Hi guys and welcome to „The cosmopolite pot“ ! We are seven food enthusiasts with different nationalities, a multicultural mix from Europe to Asia. We can’t wait to introduce you to our national cuisines and share some cultural background stories with you. We came up with the idea for this page as we all love to travel, experience different cultures and - last but not least- we all love food :)

Our video will show you guys some of the most popular dishes of each country, so stay tuned and enjoy our delicious content....

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7 funny reasons not to take drugs

Almost every human being had to face it during its teenage years: The stay-away-from-drugs-otherwise-your-entire-world-will-collapse talk with the parents. Not only parents try to keep us away from the dark side of life, usually it is a matter of public interest to educate people on the danger of drug taking. There are many ways to show someone the horrible side effects of drug abuse, but it is a general fact that reading information folders and listening to one hour presentations while looking at hundreds of Power Point slides is the most boring and ineffective way to get someone’s attention. Therefore, advertising industry found a solution. Instead of stating random numbers and facts, advertisements try their best to get their audiences attention. For those who planed to become a drug addict in the future, we found 7 funny reasons that might change your mind.

1. A girl’s best friend

Imagine your self listening to the advice of your dog. Sounds strange but who knows what kind of hallucinations stoned people can come up with.The commercial is made by a blog called “Above the influence”. Their goal is it to help teenagers stand up to negative influences. There message is: “The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to face them, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.” So who is a good boy?!

2. Stoner sloth

Authorities in Australia searches for a way to show young people how “uncool” drugs are. Their solution is the stoner sloth, a harry little sloth who seems to be completely lost in life. There are different versions of the stoner sloth, starting with stoned Delilah in the classroom to her male match Jason who is having some struggles with passing the salt during family dinner. The message of the commercials is clearly stated on the end of each short video: You re worse on weed #stonersloth

3. Not such a good boy

Truly dogs have to put a face to a lot of anti drug commercials. And what would be a best of anti drug adverts without an anti smoking campaign? We all know someone who smokes, its part of social life in a lot of cultures. People smoke for different reasons…or should we say they have different excuses? So if you are not a dog you might start searching for a better excuse…

4. Ten drugs not to take before driving

Even if the campaign is in German, thanks to the stunning acting skills of the car driver almost everyone should be able to follow the video. Fun fact by the way: This video is a classic driving instructor tool to make the theory lessons less monotonous, I experienced it myself during my course…and yes it made me laugh.

5. Social farting

A bit awkward, a bit funny. Someone who compares farting with smoking must have a creative mind, the advert at least reaches its aim: to show us how silly social smoking is…but we still do it sometimes.

6. New Zealand’s best

My personal favorite: the adorable shop owners sharing their stories about stoned or drunk people acting weird in their shops, such as buying 12 frosty pig cup cakes or staring at a Chinese waving cat.

10 points go to the Asian lady and her way to handle stoned customers who take their time to order: “I say you too slow, you have crispy duck, sit down”.

7. Last but not least: another dog commercial. The advert is made by Heineken to make their costumers aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. A clever way to to promote their beer and showing responsibility in a why everyone can understand: through humor.

Anti Drug Abuse Info Grafic

The graphic bellow shows 10 surprising facts you might not have know when it comes to drug abuse



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