Women In History March project

You will be choosing a woman that has changed the face of history because of the accomplishments that she achieved throughout her lifetime. When choosing the woman of the accomplishment please make sure that she will fit the criteria listed below. You will be presenting the information orally after you create your presentation on a digital format. (Adobe Slate- iMovie)

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

Women In History Project:

1. Obstacles faced: Challenges of her life, personal or professional. (5 or more)

2. Significant Contributions: Accomplishments, important aspects of her life. (5 or more)

3. Time Period: Where and when the woman lived.

4. Personal Qualities: (7 0r more)

5. Timeline: 10 Events in her lifetime (along with dates)

6. Picture: this is to be a copy of the woman (at any age)

7.Stamp: You are to design a stamp that portrays something in the woman's life. Your design is to make up the entire stamp.

After you have gathered this information you need to create an Adobe Slate or imovie that will encompass all of the information. You will be presenting this information to the rest of the class.


Created with images by husnil24 - "girl hijab smile" • cliff1066™ - "Jackie Kennedy-Onassis" • manhhai - "Jackie Kennedy in co-ordinating piece" • cliff1066™ - "Jackie Kennedy-Onassis" • skeeze - "jacqueline kennedy woman person" • TradingCardsNPS - "The Ongoing Struggle for Equality" • Infrogmation - "Ruby Bridges Hall speaking Sept 2010" • namho - "Anne Frank Huis, Amsterdam" • darkday. - "Lost and Abandoned"

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