John Loudon McAdam By Casey Winnington

John Loudon McAdam was born in September, 1756, and died in November, 1836. He is most famous for inventing the McAdam Road Surface.
The road had a base of large stones, then smaller stones on top. It made roads more durable, and helped water drain off the road. Along with this it was not as expensive to build. The road the biker is biking on is similar to what a "McAdam Road" would have looked like.
His method was used in the building of the National Road. His method is known as "macadamisation". This picture shows the building of a "McAdam" road.
His method was later made more efficient with tar. He has written two different books, titled "The Present System of Road Making" and "Scientific Repair and Preservation of Roads". The picture shows what a McAdam road may have looked like.

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