Beauty On a Budget - Back To School! Same Day Walk-ins / Call-ins Save up to 50%! (scroll down for details)

Beauty On a Budget is one of our most popular longtime promotions that guests love to take advantage of. Occasionally during select time of the year, we have "non-peak time" openings that are more difficult for us to fill than others. During these times, we offer a flat discount on the price of these times with select stylists.

This is a non-request promotion, which means that we sell the "first-available" stylists at a discount with no-requests. We also, don't make future reservations for these times--this is a last-minute promotion, so taking quick action on the availabilities is a must!


Every Tuesday and Wednesday, now through August 30th 2017.


Just Walk-in or Call-in and ask if we have any Beauty On a Budget or (BoB) appointments still available today. It's as easy as that. 417.881.2666


These appointments are performed by our Element 1 and Element 2 Stylists. Occasionally, our Element 3 stylists may participate as well.

How Much?*

The Beauty On a Budget Discount Varies each week, depending on our booked capacity, however, the discount is generally from 30-40% of the stylists new-guest service price. Occasionally this discount is offered up to 50%!

*The discount is applied to both the service price, as well as any salon house charge fees. There is no discount on any extra professional-color or other professional products used during the service visit. / 318 S Campbell Ave / 417.881.2666 /

First Come First Serve - No Requests Please

Save up to 50% on Services!


Paul Mitchell Professional Color

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