Five Reasons to Work at DORA

Make a Difference for Colorado

The work that is accomplished at DORA provides an opportunity to protect consumers and public interest, and as such we feel a sense of meaning and reward in the services provided.


DORA is a visionary agency that is constantly evolving. This forward-thinking business model encourages a culture of diversity, motivation, engagement and retention in the workforce.

Grow With Us

DORA has an onsite training program that offers professional development to the workforce to align your knowledge and skills with real world challenges and support professional growth, as well as specific on-the-job training.

Work-Life Balance

DORA provides a working environment that offers flexible schedules to encourage and support a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Total Rewards

DORA offers a total compensation package that includes medical, dental, retirement, wellness and more!

Created By
Jillian Sarmo