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  • Determination: is an ability or emotion to be firmness of an resoluteness or purpose of an sort of goal to be reach or success by completely challanges that life throw in the way.
Determination play a key part in odysseus's adventure. To get himself and his crews safety back home. Not matter what happened. Even in impossible situations. (Odysseus Book 9 line 23)
Team 7 in chibi form

Throughout the story of Naruto (including Naruto: Shippuden a.k.a season two, magna, and the movies). Naruto is determined to reach his dream of being hokage (leader of an entire village of a very large population of people and ninjas.) and wanted everyone in the village to look up and respect him. Along the way Naruto over come many challenges. That life throw that him and even come close to death. But in the end of each mission he either train his ninja skills with his senseis or eat his bowl of ramen from Ichiraku's Ramen shop after a hard day from mission. The literally in Naruto's DNA to be determined to reach his dream.

So What the impact on morden life?

Epic hero new and old play sort of a role in today's society. Since the heros in Ancient Greece haven't really inspired people that much like they have in the past. Naruto and Odysseus are both determined to reach their goals. And both have pride in themselves. Having a bit of simarily but have different traits and personality. Also the way that Naruto inspired me to believe in myself to complete my dreams in life. No matter what life throw that me. And made me who I am today.


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