To Kill A Mockingbird By Jaycie Fetter

Entry one: The Knothole

Perspective: Boo Radley

Those kids are walkin' past again, starin' at the house ramblin' on about what a monster I must be. I really wish I could show 'em, I ain't all that bad. There's that knothole in the tree o'er there, I could give em' gifts like all them other neighbors do. But the other neighbors give 'em food and nice things like that, I don' got any nice things, an' I can't talk to them an' ask 'em what they like. I don' got much but might as well try. I've got some coins and some chewing gum, an' I'm real good at art so I could make 'em some little dolls. I wanna be around both of 'em so bad. I just, I just get nervous. I don't ever know what to say, an' it makes me upset, I just wanna get to know 'em an' let 'em know I'm not a monster.

Entry Two: Overcoming Heroine
Perspective: Mrs.Dubose

I haven't been using Heroine for 3 days now and it's getting harder and harder to stay off. I keep trying to distract myself by sitting on the porch 'an watching everything but all anybody ever does is throw me an nasty look. I can't stand these people! Don't they know why I'm this way. That ugly girl's brother ruined my garden and he's coming back today. His father is making him read to me for christ's sake. I'll just watch my alarm clock, waiting for it to go off and prove just how strong I really am. Atticus is a kind soul, shame his kids can't be like him, the little rascal Jem is the last person I want to see right now. Well, I changed my mind, He's not the last person I want to see. My time is fast approaching and the last person I want to see is God.

Entry Three: The Trial

Perspective: Tom Robinson

I don't know why I'm here, I didn't do anything and I damn sure can't win. Mr. Atticus keeps trying and trying to plea and persuade the jury but I know, everyone knows. Miss Mayella and Mr. Ewell are gonna kill me, even though we all know I didn't do nothin'. There's nothing nobody can do but at least they're trying. Poor Mama is gonna lose a son, I do hope she'll move on the same as the rest of my family will have to. Do Miss Mayella and Mr. Ewell even realize I'm a person, that I have a life and a family to take care of? I guess they wouldn't understand, no one takes care of them, no one helps them. If I have to die at least I die knowing I was a better man than the men who will surely condemn me to die.

Entry Four : The Attack
Perspective: "Jem" Finch

That silly pagent was pointless, especially because scout messed it up, but no one else can say that about her, just me. She's bein' silly, wantin' to wait 'till everyone leaves. The silly girl lost her dress to I guess I'll have to "guide" her home. I keep gettin' this creepy feelin' that somebody's been watchin' us. Scout says i'm crazy but I could've sworn I heard somethin'. If someone's been playing a prank on us I'll beat 'em up I swear it. But this feels, strange. I've got this bad feeling in my stomach an' I don't know why. I'm gonna walk real slow so I can hear if someone's there. Scout thinks it's Cecil Jacobs but I'm not sure this time 'round. I still have that bad feeling. Oh well, it's probably nothing, We're almost home anyways. I'm sure it's nothing but I'll keep my eyes open. Ain't nobody gonna scare me an' Scout if I can help it. We'll be fine I'm sure of it. Right?


Mr. Crooke assigned this assignment to help us get a better understanding of the book. He wanted us to realize that things aren't only the way Scout tells them, everyone thinks differently. If the book would've been written from some one else's point of view then the story would've been drastically different. This assignment has taught me to see things from some of the other character's perspectives. It has helped me better understand the book and grasp the knowledge better. Overall this assignment was all about learning to understand the different characters and the book as a whole. As Atticus put it "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." By writing in these different point of views, it's almost as if you are that character, as if you're in their skin, walking around, finally understanding their struggles.

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