Missions Update April, 2019

Janice Evans, Ukraine

Thank God for Janice Evans and her ministry in Ukraine! Meet Janice in the Westside Life Center after services 4/6 & 4/7!

Please pray:

  • For Ukraine - recent tensions with Russia have brought many to an awareness of their need for peace and stability. Pray Ukrainians will turn to Jesus for ultimate peace & build their lives upon the Rock!
  • For Janice's special ministry to refugees. She has seen some come to faith, but several have turned back to their old religion. Pray for them to know the truth, and for the truth to set them free (John 8:32).
  • For the church plant's youth outreach this June. They expect 50-100 teens. Pray also as Janice and her team plan more summer outreaches to their city and area.
  • Pray for Janice's visit to the US, and especially her time reconnecting with her mother, who has dementia. Pray for glimpses of God's grace in a very difficult situation. Pray also for Janice's health and business decisions she needs to make.
Juarez, Mexico

Please continue to pray for preparations being made for 4 short-term Calvary Worship Center teams to go to Juarez, Mexico, and assist the pastors training with Marie & Nolan Schockey!

One team will go May 28-June 1 to do Construction on Mexican pastors' homes & churches. Another is scheduled for October 1-5 to do a Car Repair Clinic to train and support the pastors. We may also minister to the pastors' wives through crafts or first aid clinics. A High School team will also go July 21-27 to support the churches by doing games and crafts for 2 neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools! Finally, in late October, a small group will go to train the pastors in Biblical counseling.

Please pray for CWC members to hear the call to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel", and to respond by either praying, sending, or going!

For more information on how to participate in a short-term mission trip, please email kellyb@cwccs.org!

Nolan & Marie Schockey

Please continue to pray for Marie & Nolan Schockey, missionaries in Juarez, Mexico.


  • Praise God the new church building, Calvary Chapel of Grace and Mercy, should be finished this month. Pastor Pepe and his family have already moved into a classroom in the church building, and services are being held!
  • A new pastor has been coming to class and is excited about learning the Bible.


  • A motorcycle for Pastor Jose Luis, who leaves home at 4:30 am to go to the police station to provide devotions. No buses run that early.
  • Pastor Isaias, a Servant Senders student. He has been having heart pain.
  • Pastor Jose Luis, whose son and son-in-law were recently beaten by the police after they witnessed some violence. Thank God for Pastor Jose's relationship with the police, because he was able to intercede for them and get them out safely. Pray for the police to grow in discernment and righteousness so that they will be God's servants for good (Romans 13).
  • For the Schockeys to find the right minivan - reliable with low mileage.
  • For God's intervention and a merciful resolution for their license plate issues. The pastors' cars have license plates that need replaced according to a new law, but to replace them will cost over $1000 each, which is more than the worth of their cars.
  • A couple to come alongside and learn the ministry so it will continue after Nolan and Marie retire.
Central Asia

Praise God for the faithful ministry of Matt & Jonna and their 4 kids in Central Asia! Their country is closed to traditional missionaries, but they are able to love and bless the people there through sports and friendships.

Matt was recently able to share with an English class run by friends. One student asked, "Who inspires you?" He was also asked for 3 pieces of advice to the students. Praise God, he was ready to share about Jesus with the class. Pray for the seeds planted in those few moments to bear everlasting fruit in the lives of those students!

Please pray for the family who lives across the street from Matt & Jonna. They have had years of spiritual conversations and have shared a DVD about the life and teachings of Jesus with them. The grandfather (we'll call him "Abe") recently had a heart attack. One adult daughter has been over several times in tears about his health, and recently asked for a copy of the Scriptures and to go to fellowship with them! Please pray for Abe and his whole family to see who Jesus truly is, and turn in repentance and faith to him for salvation.

Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo (Bath, England)

Praise God for the Cuozzo family as they plant a Calvary Chapel in Bath, England! The weekly Bible study and local outreaches at the university campus have been going well.

Please pray for:

  • Continued fruitful spiritual discussions with the university students. They've noticed a particular openness from visiting scholars from China, who are very curious about the things of God.
  • Outreaches this week, as 7 students from Calvary Chapel Bible College are in Bath to do street evangelism and homeless ministry. Pray God will grow & use the students, and that HE will use this time to spread truth and transformation in Bath!
  • Tikvah, their ministry in England to Israeli young adults. The session will be 6 weeks long, beginning June 25th. Pray for the right people to sign up - they have room for 8 - and for provision and wisdom in planning details.
Matt, Emma, and Madeline Harris (Uganda)

A thank you note from Matt & Noelle Harris (Uganda) - Thank you Thank you thank you!!!- to our church family, Calvary Worship Center, and our family back home for sending out these (along with others) school and play things for our kids. As much as they love boxes, string, blocks of wood, and random containers and bottles as their toys (and they love those things so much!), it blesses us so much to have these books, blocks, animals and other such items to help them learn. And even in the first 20 min of playing, they are revealing so much about how much they know and that they are actively learning all the time! We are excited to use these for all sorts of learning and playing, and especially for sharing on the porch with friends eager to learn.

Note: Noah was really enjoying them too, but he could only take so much, seeing as right now it’s nearly 9pm... Who could pass up special play time with dad?

His Safe Haven Village (Liberia)

Thank God for His Safe Haven, which moved into newly-built His Safe Haven Village last month! It will provide a safe home for Liberian children with special needs! Praise God that Calvary Worship Center was given the privilege of helping support this beautiful ministry!

Bob & Esperanza Simons - Latin America

Praise God for Bob Simon's willingness to come teach our CWC School of Ministry and several members of the Body through a seminar on Inductive Bible Study! It was a real blessing!

Please continue to pray for Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, and Bob's ministry as he encourages and supports pastors and leaders in the Mexican church. He is teaching Systematic Theology to about 20 men and women. In between classes, they do written homework and memorize Scripture. He is seeing engagement and lively interaction during class times. He has also provided each student with a Bible study program in Spanish and is teaching them how to use it.

  • Please continue to pray for provision, travel, and safety as Bob travels to Vicente Guerrero from California every other week (a 12-hour bus ride each way).
  • This month, please pray for Irma, whose husband has forbidden her to return to class. Pray that her husband will experience a change of heart or that God will meet her and teach her Himself.
  • Please also pray for the pastors who are from shaky doctrinal backgrounds. Praise God they are willing to come learn solid Christian theology, and pray that God will teach them to more accurately handle the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15).
Carlos & Yolanda Casco, Latin America

Praise God for Carlos's successful surgery to remove cancer! Please pray for continued healing and rest as he waits to be released to return to teaching Inductive Bible Study & marriage seminars.

Mike (Global Relief - Lebanon)

Praise God for Mike's recent trip to Lebanon and Northern Iraq! This trip was delayed because of Mike's broken leg, but he was sufficiently healed to go!

In Lebanon, his team was able to share from the Word about the value and equality of each person, and God's love and compassion for them. The refugees were encouraged and shared how God had delivered them from war, and also spoke of HIS love and deliverance. Even though they've faced death threats for their beliefs, several hope to return to their homes in Syria to share this hope with others.

Praise God for the training Mike has been doing in Northern Iraq with the Yazidi and Christian refugees. After the training, the refugees have improved their lives by installing PVC pipe to control sewage runoff that was previously running down an open trough. They also built pens & tents for barns to keep their animals downhill from their tents, and are using water filters. Pray for continued fruitfulness in the training. This provides immediate relief and health to the community and also acts as a bridge for sharing deeper and greater hope.

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

Be a part of the work God is doing at Calvary Worship Center!

Use your gifts to send CWC missionaries! In just 30 minutes a month, you can help pass out missions prayer cards after the service you regularly attend. Other options: help with Facebook posts, attend a missionary potluck, help with supply drives, or write encouraging cards to missionaries. If God is stirring you to participate in another way, please let us know!

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!

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