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"Two hearts intertwined in a time predestined before the inauguration of their creation now witnessed before mankind; swaddled in a three-fold cord, soul anchored in the Lord, climbing rugged mountains to calming streams birthing babies and destined dreams, like the fours seasons there will be times of laughter and times of pain yet greater will be the reward gained, no one is perfect yet you're tailor made to be my beloved like a shooting star glistening the midnight sky the perfection of your affection descends from above, oh what beautiful collage I see projected on the wings of a dove ....such is called A Journey to The Covenant of Love"


Who ever knew something filled with so much passion could encompass so much pain, something so precious and sacred could bestow upon you both humility and shame. One would think the journey of love is a path free of obstacles, just as smooth as a baby's bottom; however I have discovered that to be further from the truth than any observation of love has ever been.

From the moment that God took my bethrothed from my dreams and place him in my reality, I have discovered any pure and perfect love must go through the purification fire; it must be tried to be made true. In fact I will venture to say; if you are in love with someone and that love has never been tested; I admonish you to check the essence of your courtship is built upon love instead of lust.

Often we assume when times of testing hit our covenants (whether it be that you are married, engaged, or in the courtship process) that God must be saying get out; this is not of Him. However this is NOT always the case; SATAN also attack those who pose him threats. So it could also be Satan using people to do his dirty work. So instead of viewing as this is not right for me; ask yourself; where is God in this; why is Satan fighting us so hard, Lord show me your purpose. God has a purpose and plan for everything He does, if He ordained your marriage, engagement, or courtship(whichever stage your union is in) there is undeniably a purpose and/or plan for you. Therefore it is best to gain that revelation as soon as possible.

God ask me one day, " what if I you told your my marriage wasn't about you, neither your husband but the purpose of the ministry I am giving the both of you, would You still say yes?" Of course I told the Lord my God yes and later shared with my husband what the Lord said and he also said yes! It wasn't months later, weeks later, no it was, 7-10 days later and suddenly a great storm hit our relationship. It went from my husband treating me like a queen to him treating me like I was just some female he met on the corner. Pain and shame was an understatement for what I was experiencing. I could not figure out what was happening yet I could not turn my back on him because I knew the promise I made to God! I believe if people today would remember the C͟o͟v͟e͟n͟a͟n͟t͟ they made on the day of their Holy Matrimony was not only with their spouses but also with God; there would not be so many divorces today. Why, because we don't make covenants with God and break them because God never break His covenants with us!

See I made a promise or covenant with God (before the altar) that I would show his son, my blessed husband; true love exist, that I would be the yielded vessel: allowing God to show him his love tangibly through me, and that I would love him in spite of him. However to fulfill this vow, a great level of humility, patience, and long suffering was required of me; requirements I knew not of when I made the vow! Yet I am persuaded to keep my covenant with God.

See I only knew the good of my husband, I had not met the prideful, arrogant, nonchalant, deceitful, and defiant man. I never once in my wildest dreams thought this man could speak to me the way he did and the level of disrespect was almost inhumane at times. I found myself asking God how could this be the husband you chose for me? The experiences unveiled something to me as well though; this foul spirit I thought no longer exist rose from within me. I started cursing him out, I had violent thoughts, I wanted to get even, oh yes anger with sin showed it's ugly face. Yet every time God would say to me; " daughter humble yourself and apologize"! Now in my eyes, that made it worse, he was in the wrong so why did I have to apologize. Then when I obeyed God and apologized it made him think I was weak and he could walk over me. However, I later discovered when we apologize for something we are guilty of that's for us but when we apologize for things we are not guilty of; that's revealing the God in us, in that moment God is getting the Glory out of the situation; so obey the instructions of God and permit Him to handle the rest. ***Key note*** When God Be For You Hold Your Peace Let Him Fight Your Battle, None Can Stand Against You!****I also discovered enduring those trials and obeying God, humbling myself was truly laying that spirit of rage to rest so when God do present me it don't destroy me. (ex. Donald Trump).

One day God answered me and said, " my daughter how can you give my son, the husband Rosheen I have chosen for you; my tangible love, how can you show him true love exists, how can I even birth the purpose within you both, if you are not willing to take the exam of love, if you are not willing to endure the refiners fire"?Love can not be proven true unless it's been tested. I am God my daughter and I neither sleep or slumber, I see and know all. You will not be put to shame and your labor of love is not in vain not one word that I promised shall return to me void. "I could only lament and ask for strength to endure💕.

Some of the greatest things I receive on this journey of love is the spirits of humility, meekness, patience, long suffering, and the gift of perfect love. By no means do they come easy and many I am still birthing forth, however they are all worth it and I wouldn't trade my husband for the world. You see God never told me it would be easy; he simply said... You are Victorious in the end. Often I was told.. be strong and courageous I am the Lord your God and I am with you. You see when your union BELONGS to God you can't trust yourself with it, you can't trust your spouse with it, you only trust God with it. We must stop seeking carnal answers to spiritual matters.

So then how does one know the difference between lust and love; it's simple; love does exactly what I continue to do with my husband. You see during our times of testing I elected to separate the spirit from my husband, to see him through the eyes of God, to love him beyond his faults, to embrace the reality of love seeing no wrong, and most of All to trust God and know if He chose this man as my husband than there is greatness in him because there is nothing less than greatness in me. I know he is God's best because God will give me nothing less than his best. So in spite of what the enemy send as arsenals of division and destruction I choose to conquer and destroy them the spirit of which is God's Love, prayer, faith, and the blessed assurance of God being on Our side fighting for us and those that continue to come against us will soon meet a fatality. See God can love you so much that your enemies become His enemies and He will give lives as a ransom on your behalf and takeout nations if it means peace in your home, peace in your marriage, and His perfect acceptable Will shall come to past! Love is a spirit not an emotion, it's eternal not situational. Emotion and situations change daily thus true love can not be based upon such because it would be unstable. Lust however would be founded upon such things thus giving the relationship nothing solid to stand upon. When trials come; love will win every time but where there is lust couples meet a harsh demise. Thus covenants built upon love their anchor is Christ the solid rock and them whose homes are built upon lust, well storms shall wash their homes away like sand.

Love says yes you hurt me however my decision to forgive you and/or be with you wont be based on outsiders opinion. To often in the heat of anger we go out and bash the person we love then when that moment pass over we don't know how to return to them or we hide the relationship from the public eye because our reputation is now on the line; this is why when in love it's imperative to simply take time to cool off rather than doing or saying something that can have permanent consequences. This is another lesson I learned as I have been on both sides of the spectrum. Be cautious with those "you a better man/woman than me " connections; I have found them to be the ones going through worse, bitter and lonely, or desiring what you have; if God instructs you to stand by your spouse, stand to see the salvation of The Lord. Finally, always remember perfect love cast away all fears and a soft tongue turns away wrath. The journey of love is a quest and with God in unity it's one worth conquering; for truly it's a river of Pure and Perfect Love flowing from the Heart of God!

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