Geometry in my Neighborhood By: paige tuares agbigay

Our assignment was to look at different buildings in my neighborhood. There weren't many cool buildings so I decided to use my house.


This is a picture of my house. This is a sketch of my house.

This is the picture after I labeled some of the shapes and angles.

There were many different angles like the right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, and the reflex angle. There were also shapes like circles, rectangles, trapezoids and triangles.


I think the triangular shaped roof is important because where I live in Kea'au can rain a lot and the shape of the roof helps the water slide off instead of ponding on the roof.


Another geometric feature is the rectangular shaped door. I think the door is shaped like a rectangle so the average human can fit through it.

Door knob

This is a picture of a door knob. It is shaped like a circle because it is easier to grasp the circular shape with your hand.

Door Handle

This is a door handle that is shaped like a trapezoid. It's like this so you can easily grab the handle and slide the door open and shut.

Light Switch

This is the picture of a light switch and the back is shaped like a square. I think it is shaped like a square because they didn't need to fit many switches. Also, the light switches are not too tall.

Door Mat

This is the welcome mat and it is shaped as a rectangle. I think it is shaped like a rectangle for aesthetics and so it can match the width of the door.


I did well on this project because I didn't wait to the last minute to start. Also, I made sure I put all of my effort into trying to get a good grade by following the rubric.


Have a great spring break!

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