On Wisconsin Out drinking your state since 1848

Let us tell you a tale of a far away place called Wisconsin. A place where a relish tray is still served with every supper and a brandy Old Fashioned is revered as an art form and an appetizer.

Where Bloody Marys substitute for meals and a beer back is "a thing".

Note the Flying Spaghetti Monster appearing in this glass - MIRACLE!

Where cows are citizens and often roam the capital grounds

A place where winter lasts so long that any excuse for an outdoor party is grasped no matter what falls from the sky. Indeed, huge community areas for celebrating are built - and celebrate they do!

Where horsepower means horsepower and domes must be built to experience warmth and to house exotic animals.

Where beer, liquor and axe throwing are NOT mutually exclusive.

Good bye Wisconsin - until we meet again!
Created By
Dave Hecht

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