Crispr Dan Russo

What is Crispr exactly?

Crispr is a process of DNA manipulation. It can be used to remove and edit certain attributes in Human and Animal genes.

DNA sequencer, it is used to view and edit DNA.

How is Crispr useful?

Crispr can be used to further influence Genes in organisms. With this is can enhance attributes and make genetic superiority.

Should Crispr be used in Genetic engineering?

Yes and no. Crispr has the possibility to do amazing things to genetocs. But also some effects could be negative to society as a whole. With Human editation of Genetic attributes it could completely remove problems inside of DNA, such as disease as well as STDs. It can also be used for perfection of current genes. With these genes set to perfection it could make it the norm for society. If this were to be the norm then every normally created human would be viewed as flawed.

Why is this interesting?

This is an interesting Biology topic because it addresses our near upcoming fututre. With so many possibilities to think about almost anything could happen.

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Dan Russo


My amazing teacher Mr. G with his fantastically gelled hair.

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